Rats, I missed the Straight Pride parade in Boston

It looks like it was a hoot.

Best reply to that:


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Always take nutters seriously.
    For instance, today the hindu nationalists are starting a program of ethnic cleansing in the province of Assam, to get rid of any muslim immigrants that have arrived from Bangladesh since the 1970s. This is precisely the stuff you would expect the hindu nationalists to pull once they can get away with it.
    The kooks in that parade may look ridicilous, but there is nothing funny about what would happens if their ilk get powerful enough.

  2. jacksprocket says

    Johansson: bang on. Back in the 60s Dr Iain Paisley was a nutter shouting “No Popery” at inappropriate times. Now the DUP (Paisley’s heirs) are the parliamentary margin that’s driving Britain into fascism.

  3. unclefrogy says

    well if it is it wont come off so easily.
    unlike stage and clown makeup
    I thought green was ,maybe the hulk?
    uncle frogy

  4. wzrd1 says

    I and my wife of over 37 years never found cause for a parade for our marriage and sexual identities.
    If others do, good for them.
    That said, we’d both march to support those who previously didn’t have the same rights that we have and frankly, I’d literally, militarily fight for them.

    Dilute an enumerated right, it becomes a privilege. To be revoked by caveat.
    So, the more that enjoy rights, the better.
    Since we ever so love scarcity models of, well, everything.

  5. Trickster Goddess says

    I don’t know. That doesn’t exactly scream ‘straight’ to me. I’m not really sure what orientation that is. But hey, power to him for living his inner truth.

  6. booberry says

    In unrelated news, PZ’s main squeeze and all around dysfunctional human being Zoe Quinn finally managed to push evil patriarch Alec whatshisface off the edge. He killed himself after she exposed him to be kinda sorta a rapist! He lost his job and everything! I assume there will be a FtB get-together to celebrate this victory against oppression and am willing to bring snacks/bake a lasagna.

  7. says

    I would like to mention that Molyneux has
    a) no idea what lipstick costs
    b) no idea how relationships work
    But given that he belongs to the “men announcing loudly on Twitter that they’re shit in bed” brigade, those things don’t surprise me.

  8. booberry says

    @Aoife_b neither is rape/sexual abuse. What goes around comes around and that’s true double for abusers. Even if they are mentally ill and in recovery turning their life around when the hammer comes down. Now do you prefer ricotta cheese or bechamel sauce in between your lasagna noodles?

  9. leerudolph says

    Aoife_b, I saw no joking (as in, something that might make me laugh even a little bit) in booberry@11, but I certainly saw assholishness, and more of it in booberry@14. I guess that someone might have thought (though I didn’t) that one or more of “main squeeze”, “all around dysfunctional human being”, “evil patriarch”, “kinda sorta a rapist!”, “lost his job and everything!”, or “victory against oppression” were joking, but it seemed clear enough that booberry@11 meant them purely as assholish, and booberry@14 removed all doubt.

  10. KG says

    I know who Zoe Quinn is – a target of GamerGate harrassment, I’ve no idea who “Alex whatisface” was, but it’s easy to identify booberry as a standard issue misogynist shitbag.

  11. blf says

    (Pedant) Their name is Zoë Quinn. Alec whatisface is Alec Holowka. Zoë was the original person whose claims of abuse / misogyny started gamergate.

    They apparently had a short-lived relationship with Holowka, during which Alec allegedly raped them. Zoë made the allegations very recently. Alec is said to have then committed suicide, albeit whether or not Quinn’s allegations had anything to do with the tragedy is, as far as I am aware, currently unknown. Some more details (pre-sucide) at Gamergate is back, because it never went away: Zoë Quinn faces new round of attacks: “Gamer world goes after Quinn, making clear that even in #MeToo era, many people believe myths about sexual abuse” (28-August-2019).

  12. says

    Quinn’s twitter account has been deleted, either by their own choice or twitter silencing them. More likely the former, given how harassers behave.

  13. dma8751482 says

    Dave Futrelle covered the matter recently:


    Predictably, the GGators seem to be very selective in their refusal to believe anything Quinn says- the allegation against Holowska is (according to them) false, and yet when Quinn supported someone denouncing their ex-partner Alex Lifschitz for similar misdeeds the GG crowd applauded it. Typical GG hypocrisy, really.

  14. gijoel says

    @Booberry And if Zoe Quin had committed suicide you’d be hi-fiving each other until your hands bleed. I doubt you gave a shit about Alec until Zoe made her accusations. Go back to your bridge and never disturb us again.

  15. booberry says

    An emotionally maladjusted sociopath with a serious personality disorder ran off to a cabin with a mentally ill sexual abuser. Years later and desperate for attention, the sociopath outs the rapist on Twitter. He loses his job and kills himself. It’s a fucked up R&J story that will doubtlessly charm a generation of overly politicized malcontents on the internet.

    Ever notice how chaos follows certain people everywhere they go?

  16. booberry says

    1. Nope. Quinn’s suicide would not make me happy. Nor would it make me sad. It also wouldn’t surprise me, given that everything I’ve read about her points to her being a fairly troubled and chaotic person.

    2.au contraire about Alec. I’m not exactly crying over him either. He sounds like he was an abusive jerk. Even his sister didn’t defend him against Quinn’s allegations. He sounds like the kind of guy a girl like Quinn would find herself with.

  17. KG says

    An emotionally maladjusted sociopath with a serious personality disorder – booberry@21

    …but enough about you, booberry. And from you.

  18. vucodlak says

    @ booberry, #21

    Ever notice how chaos follows certain people everywhere they go?

    Predators often prey on those who have been assaulted before. This well-known enough that even an ignorant victim-blaming skidmark like you must be aware of it.

    Now fuck off.