Space spiders, prepare to land and conquer the planet

You know that batch of spiderlings I caught earlier? I had them in this container in my office, like so:

They’re all the little dots in there. Well, I decided I would set them free out in the garden, and I opened the container as you can see…while still in my office. They immediately became agitated and started scurrying about, and next thing I know, many of them have lifted off and started ballooning. I whipped out my camera and tried to get a photo, but tiny dots wafting through the air aren’t easy to photograph. Here’s a pair of them looking like spiders in space.

This is my favorite, though — it was drifting near the container, so it look like it’s about to land on Earth.

Most of them are outside now, but I’ve still got a few crawling on me, and every once in a while one floats across my field of vision. It’s magical!


  1. jack16 says

    Fabre wrote on the spider balloonists. No launch if the air is still. The slightest convection and off they go. (“The Life of the Spider”)