Spiders done been fornicatin’ in my garage!

Look! I found their unholy spawn crawling out of their crude, barbaric nest!

These are probably all Larries (Larinioides), but they’re too young to tell for sure.

I know, you’re all getting tired of spiders, spiders, spiders on my web site, but you can look forward to a Minnesota winter when they’re all dead or hiding or hibernating, and I’ve got nothin’ but ice-rimed empty cobwebs to gaze upon, forlornly.


  1. embraceyourinnercrone says

    Thank you for the fascinating photos. Your posts about spiders have encouraged me to notice all the spiders living in my backyard.

  2. davidc1 says

    Not at all ,spiders are fascinating critters ,i have no problem with them outside ,it is only when i wake up and one is sitting on my pillow next to my head .I even took a photo of a Tarantula that a lady had in a plastic tub at the Saguaro National Park visitors center .