What to do instead of watching the debate

I got online and rambled a bit on YouTube about various subjects.

So, who lost the big political debate of the evening? Have we gotten rid of some of the Democratic deadwood yet?


  1. says

    All I can say is, check out the clips of Marianne Williamson. Also, Biden hit the ground going straight down at 500 knots and left a smoking hole in the ground.

  2. microraptor says

    I have yet to see an analysis from anyone saying that Biden did well. Even his supporters are having trouble spinning it.

  3. wzrd1 says

    I did consider the notion of viewing the debate, masturbating with a cheese grater, which would be preferable, but far from optimal and went for transcoding some videos that I had ripped from optical media that we’d long ago purchased, to the flavor our idiotic DVD/media player from Sony prefers.
    Since I can’t put my server into the room, lest it cause further hearing loss for both of us and likely, cause an electrical fire and one near fire is enough for me.*

    *We’ve been lodged in a hotel room for over a year, working on isolating a specific pathogen to accompany a chemical attack against the hotel’s pet bed bugs, as our state laws leave the hotel without duty… So, a Dell PowerEdge server in here, just… No. Ideally, I’d just use DDT, as it escaping into the external environment would be so low as to be beneath notice to nature.
    Got some other notions, one, with significant risk to small children, so that’s totally out.
    As for the near electrical fire, we noted several outlets that appeared odd, totally unusable. After using an oil filled radiator to keep temperatures within a blanket tolerable winter zone, my wife, who does have a sense of smell (which is legendary), after, I actually began to detect odd odors. That’s exceptional, as I can detect an ammonia inhalant well enough, crap, not at all, my sense of smell is nearly absent, due to cautery of my nose, due to severe, life threatening epistaxis as a child. We’re talking, as a elementary school child, leaving bath towels dripping with blood.
    I taste odors far better than I can detect them at all.
    Then, one night, the electrical outlet closest to my side of the bed looked odd, it seemed to sag and suddenly, smoke with exceptionally nasty smoke (and I am infamous for being support for a CS gas chamber in the military, without bothering to use a protective mask and worse, smoke a cigarette, giving a specific psychological effect). Shit took by breathe, send me outside, then once I got control of respiration, deep pants, holding breathe, noticing the outlet wires were glowing, after removing the plate and unscrewing both outlet tab screws, pulling the literally hot mess out and isolating the issue.
    All of the outlets were bargain basement models, all outlets were daisy chained, using the side plates where the screws go into the terminal, to complete the circuit and that was superheating to near flame. Pulled the outlet and due to panic mode seeking of tools, I flexed the fucking hot mess until the wires, heavily oxidized, parted.
    True story.
    Still working on a sub-isolate, but am pretty happy with the latest culture’s results within a kludged isolation environment.

    For the record, in junior high school, I had isolated and incubated pneumococcus, verified via reagent and microscopy and transmission electron microscopy (yeah, we had all of that in our junior and high schoo labs). Then, one lab partner broke protocol and got ill, doctor cultured, all hell broke loose.
    Protocol was, essentially, a cash strapped version that remained effective if followed, BL3 compromise.
    But, we did isolate it and even antibiotic test it, due to other donated to the school resources.
    Today, chemistry is with M&M’s and microscopes are entirely absent.
    Today, would I still do so? Yep! At home, where protocols would be religiously observed. The numbnuts that built a nuclear reactor, I’m not. Worst case scenario is prevented, then dwindled down to least worst case and that’s eliminated as well.
    Working with dangerous things, trust no one, not even oneself.

    PZ, want to join and supervise this experiment?
    I was tempted to go ivermectin, but the last time I had it, well, the mental effects were utterly unwanted.
    Didn’t think so.
    Once the culture is accepted, I’ll notify the results.
    Life gives lemons, while lemonade is a solution, I’ll dry most for soups, use the rest for flavoring with various iced teas, of which I have a cabinet full of.
    I’ve also noted PTSD potential for such an infestation, having dealt with it, yeah, it’s a thing. Personally, I have a loathing enough to actually want to seek biological warfare upon this organism, limited by the specific environment. Got a wonderful culture that’d survive outside of the room, which is unwanted at all.

  4. Akira MacKenzie says

    I’m sorry, but right now I can’t force myself to ride along with the Democratic Clown Car until they toss most of the Punchinellos out and someone serious takes the wheel. In the mean time, i’ll be up in my room, painting miniatures, drinking cheap whiskey, and trying not to listen to the loud, insane, racist rants of my Catholic Republican father gives to his computer screen as he reads his right-wing news sources.

  5. Ragutis says

    Kamala dominated. Buttigieg and Gillebrand were ok. Bernie was as Bernie as ever. Swalwell had a good start with a 30 year old quote from Biden about it being time to pass the torch, but his answer to almost everything the rest of the night seemed to be”Biden old! Swalwell young!” He was good about guns though. Colorado is apparently an earthly paradise since Hickenlooper has fixed every problem they ever had. Bennett did not have a good night. Biden was just bad. I have no idea why Yang or the woo-woo lady that kind of reminds me of Marlo Thomas were there.

    They really need to separate the wheat from the chaff but soon, though it appears that the same qualifications apply for the next debate as well.

  6. jrkrideau says

    I have always had had a bit of a soft spot for spiders. I hope the environmental research works out. It would be fascinating to discover that micro-environments affect populations in a town as small as Morris.

    I am envious of your students. They are getting a fantastic opportunity to see real research in action. None of these dry teaching displays in a lecture, but a clambering over things in a garage to get the subjects to the lab. And then, seeing what one does in the lab. A winter of fascination.

    Come to think of it, a weird, bearded, man accompanied by assorted students prowling around local garages and waving small glass bottles probably has done wonders for the local University–Community relations. People can relate to spiders.

  7. mnb0 says

    @6: “Kamala dominated.”
    Yup, it made the Dutch news too. The header that said something like this is the only thing I read.

  8. blf says

    Biden is still relying on the Joementum?

    More like bribeon is still relying on josephdeeppockets.

  9. unclefrogy says

    and the talking heads are still advising the democrats to not ignore the middle, the moderates (republicans/white) portion of the electorate/party.
    who was it that almost put Bernie in, who do they think put Obama in office anyway it certainly was not the reliable “Hillary” party regulars alone
    it is clear from past elections that the democrats need more than the simple majority that they can reliably get without really trying, it is an over whelming margin that is called for and you can’t get that by playing it safe.
    uncle frogy