In case you wanted something to do at lunch…

It’s spider feeding time at noon today. I’ll be in my lab, Sci 2390, just off the science atrium, with a bottle of flies, flicking them into containers of hungry predators. It’ll be good bloodthirsty fun.

Don’t worry, the flies are dispatched with admirable alacrity, so they don’t suffer for long.


  1. blf says

    Epidemic of Open Trousers in Morris !

    Teh mad perfessor is breeding a colony of giant zipper-eating spiders. Flasks full of flies surreptitiously taken from local trousers during the recently-publicized “spider survey” are being fed to mutant creepy-crawlies. Teh mad perfessor’s ultimate plan is currently unknown, but already the effects are being felt and seen with an abundance of people scurrying about with their hands covering some parts of their bodies.

    The local rabbit population has denied this is in revenge for the mad perfessor keeping the rabbits out of his garden. The perfessor’s evil cat could not be reached for comment, or at least our reporter sent to interview the beast has not returned.

  2. Sean Boyd says

    It would be a bit of a haul…commuter bus service from Tacoma to Morris is a bit spotty.

  3. Akira MacKenzie says

    Yeah, Morris is a bit of a haul for me to. Also, do you really want your spider-babies hanging around the likes of me? I might be a bad influence.