Wasn’t Bret Weinstein supposed to be the biologist brother?

I have to ask because he wrote one of the most absurd evolutionary arguments ever.

The hair in your armpits broadcasts adaptive messages we don’t know much about, therefore there is no patriarchy. You wouldn’t be stinky if it weren’t adaptive.

Everything in that is just wrong.


  1. wzrd1 says

    I dunno, my armpits tend to be protective for me.
    What issues from there repels skunks.

  2. John Morales says


    I have never heard of these people. Are they notable somewhere?

    Yes, they’re notable here, since here they were noted.

    And you have now heard of them.

  3. chrislawson says

    He got one thing right. We don’t now much about human pheromones. The rest is brainmush.

  4. says

    Bret Weinstein was a biology professor at Evergreen who didn’t like that his privilege was hurt by anti-racism protests, made an ass of himself, and got the boot + a 500K buyout. He’s now on the Intellectual Dork Web grift.

    His brother, Eric, is a venture capitalist pig working with Thiel. He’s also the one who invented the term IDW.

    The tree apparently didn’t branch much with those two.

  5. davidnangle says

    My digestive system broadcasts adaptive messages about the viability as a food source of Taco Bell and Irish boiled dinner. And if those messages weren’t important, why are they broadcast so vehemently?

  6. says

    Weinstein’s argument is so bad that it’s making me wonder if his actual research was competent. That level of blithering is not going to be an isolated phenomenon.

  7. says

    Wait until he’s ranting against indoor plumbing and wiping your ass, because Mother Nature wouldn’t have made your shit stinky and scratchy if it didn’t serve a very important function.

  8. Artor says

    When my armpits stink, I interpret that as a signal I need to take a shower. I suppose deodorant might mask that signal, but I’d rather it didn’t. I prefer being clean and not stinky OR sticky.

  9. DLC says

    Some twit on the internet thinks being stinky is good, and I’m supposed to subscribe to that theory because some internet dweeb has an idea ? pft.

  10. Kagehi says

    Sadly, this is one of those, “Yeah, there is evidence that, especially women, can sort of identify people by scent, and there does seem to be a component that implies, based on studies of the subject, if people tending to ‘like’ the sweat of those with genetics which are different than their own (i.e., adaptive in the sense of having far fewer common genetic defects, and a greater chance of beneficial crossing of DNA)”, then leaping off the edge of the world with it, without a parachute, while screaming, “I am a genius!!!”

    Deodorant, to be honest, even “with” this being more or less true was not invented by people trying to scam others, it was invented so we didn’t have to smell the sweat of those people that where ****not at all**** compatible, and thus stunk to hell from the perspective of the people smelling them. A sufficiently high enough number, including members of the same sex, who obviously are not likely to produce positive feedback from people who are not attracted to other members of the same. I.e., a kind of double – You not only stink, but stink even more so, being the wrong physical sex.

    So, yeah, its completely wrong, even with the premise itself being likely partly correct.