Help Vyckie Garrison

Vyckie Garrison is an awesome person who managed to extract herself from the Quiverfull movement — that ghastly Christian cult that insisted that women must be continuously pregnant in order to spawn hordes of children. She got out of that, remarried, and then discovered that her new husband was an abusive, controlling, and gaslighting slimeball. If you’ve ever wondered why she wasn’t writing for the blog she founded, No Longer Quivering, it’s because her husband made her give it up, and give up her writing career in general, to increase her dependency on him. There are other ugly details that I won’t share here. She has once again fled an untenable situation, hastily packing up a few belongings and her family while he was off at work, and driving off to an undisclosed location. Her family was broken up while she is in hiding, as well.

Now she’s desperate and alone. If you can, make a donation to help her out.


  1. OptimalCynic says

    I already donated to Razing Ruth on Vyckie’s recommendation, so not going to give any more to her.