1. Mark Plus says

    As I’ve already pointed out, white nationalists are rising to the challenge of looking out for her interests because Boomers like PZ have abdicated their responsibility for protecting the nation’s white children.

  2. wzrd1 says

    @6, it’s martial arts dreams.
    Or, what happens to me far too often, stretch in the middle of the night and since I have the spot in the bed closest to the wall, I am awakened by that stretch turning into a punch into a rather solid wall.
    Thankfully, there has been no damage to either fist or wall, more worried about the wall. I can heal, walls don’t heal, they have to be repaired and I’ll admit it, I’m a cheap SOB. ;)

    @Mark Plus, feel free to visit me in person. My cane eagerly desires to trip you. Repeatedly.
    And I’m far from intimidated with the tinker toys in your avatar, got a handful of similar tinkertoys of my own and compete with them for prize money. Gotta defend the world from an unpaid prize or unperforated, supremely dangerous dot and circle.