A Republican, pro-Trump pimp has died

Are we expected to mourn?

I saw a few episodes of that godawful HBO reality show, Cathouse, which featured smug thug Dennis Hof as a brothel owner. It is no surprise that he ran for political office as a Republican, and actually won the primary — Republican voters may be moralizers, but they’re also the biggest hypocrites on the planet. He has now died, ending his political aspirations.

I will say he’s one of the reasons I don’t subscribe to HBO. When I’d travel and stay in a hotel somewhere, I’d flip on HBO in the evenings to see what was on, and would routinely see only a few things. One was those dreadful sports documentaries where some lugubrious narrator would drone on about the Cosmic Significance of a boxing match or some sportsball event; the other thing that was always on was that terrible Cathouse show with the women simpering over that bald pompous bouncer guy. Hated ’em both.

I guess his show has been off the air for a while now, and recently every time I’m in a hotel room in the evening it’s nothing but Bill Maher, who always seems like another Dennis Hof, only with hair.

Jeeezus. The details are trickling out, and he died after a wild birthday party with Grover Norquist, Joe Arpaio, and Ron Jeremy. If only he could have taken them all with him.

Fortunately, there were no women at this party. Have you noticed how these kinds of events always feature great gross corpulent men of greed and villainy, and yet no women ever get mentioned? That sounds like a hellishly bad party to me.


  1. hotspurphd says

    HBO has lots of good movies as well as original dramas and original movies, arguably the best of the cable movie channels.

  2. says

    I will take Bill over a pig like said man. I know you are no way promoting the sex farm pig though PZ. I thank you for you knowledge and protection of all of us verbally and in writing. We only have so many advocates in this sick usa.

  3. Matrim says

    The circumstances of his death were bizarre as well (not the death itself, he was an old hedonist who probably had a bad ticker, but the surrounding events). He had been celebrating his birthday at one of his brothels celebrating his 72nd birthday with Grover Norquist, Joe Arpaio, Flavor Flav, and Ron Jeremy (who discovered the body).

  4. rcs619 says

    Yeah, he always just seemed really skeevy on the few times I flipped by the show. I mean, I get that the whole point of the show was to be raunchy, but yeah.

    On the bright side, whenever we get around to legalizing prostitution, pimps will be obsolete.

  5. voidhawk says

    RE: #4 “On the bright side, whenever we get around to legalizing prostitution, pimps will be obsolete.”

    Only if we carefully craft the legislation to make sure, otherwise, pimps will just rename themselves as ‘managers’ and keep getting away with it.

  6. jester700 says

    HBO has two redeeming features, IMO – John Oliver and Vice News/Vice documentaries. Though you CAN see much of these on YouTube.

  7. rcs619 says

    RE: #5 Oh of course. That’s definitely a potential scenario. Ideally, pimps would be made obsolete and sex-industry workers would have all the legal protections and sensible regulations they need. We could always screw it up though, for sure.

  8. Matrim says

    Decriminalize sex work and pimps will largely be irrelevant. There will still be brothel owners and such, but “pimping” as we know it will have little place. That is, of course, ideally…in reality there will still be a stigma that will make it difficult for SWers to report issues, meaning people will still try to exploit SWers, but it’d be a good first step.

  9. ridana says

    I thought Heidi Fleiss was there too.

    Anyway, he’s still going to get elected. Then the Republicans can install whoever they want.