This looks like a gimmick for a Disney movie

“The Bemidji Merganser and her 76 Ducklings”.

There’s a reason this duck has adopted 76 babies — because all Mergansers look alike, I guess.

The merganser in this picture probably picked up several dozen ducklings that got separated from their mothers. Adult ducks can’t tell which birds are theirs, and lost young birds that have already imprinted on their own mothers will instinctively start following another Common Merganser because she looks like mom.


  1. blf says

    Ah. So it’s not the Reptilians. It’s the Anatidians. Provided we can eat our new overlords, this could Ok…

  2. woozy says

    Merganser is a fun word to say.

    And 76 mergansers is more fun than just three.

  3. xmp999 says

    If it was a Disney movie, the mom would die right at the beginning. I hope real life turns out better for them all

  4. ledasmom says

    Merganser army! Or, should that be “Navy”?
    I assume that, when one is nibbled to death by ducks, this is the outfit that does it.