1. Marissa van Eck says


    We’ve been losing too many good people in recent years. Terry Pratchett, Spock, Iwata Satoru, Prince, and now Stephen Hawking. Does it feel to ANYONE ELSE like all our good people are getting the hell out of Dodge before the rush? :(

  2. davidc1 says

    Just read that Hawking’s was in the habit of running over the toes of people he disliked ,he did it to prince charles
    It says his one regret is he never had the chance to do it to mrs thatcher .
    RIP Stephen Hawking’s .

  3. pacal says

    The Universe just got a little less awesome. I feel like reciting Donne’s poem about For Whom the Bell Tolls.

  4. tbtabby says

    How sadly poetic that he should shuffle off this mortal coil on the same day Albert Einstein was born. Now it’s a day to commemorate the legacies of two titans of science.

  5. billyjoe says

    Two pretty funny videos above, but not sure about the gif. Did Hawking not approve of Brian Cox? Otherwise, funny joke!

  6. andyo says

    #7, he was also born 300 years to the day from Galileo’s death. I believe dying on Pi/Einstein day might have been intentional.

  7. alkisvonidas says

    @sillybill, #5

    Although I generally enjoy ERB, I really couldn’t stomach this one; Einstein making fun of Hawking’s disability is so out of character and mean spirited.

    I know this is the usual style of ERB, and most of the time it works for me, but not in this case.

  8. KG says

    Hawking’s death was preceded by a few days by that of another British scientist at least equally worthy of admiration: John Sulston: Nobel prize winner in 2002 for his work on the cell lineage and genome of Caenorhabditis elegans, he later led the sequencing of its genome, and became a leader in the Human Genome Project, managing to keep the data in the public domain over the shcemes of Craig Venter to privatize it. He was a proud atheist and socialist.

    He was unfortunately cheated by Julian Assange, for whom he provided bail sureties that were forefeited when Assange broke bail.

  9. sillybill says

    @alkisvonidas #12,
    Yeah, neither one of them would be very rap battle insulty and Albert was well known for being dignified and well spoken. Most of the ERB videos are just silly and not terribly good, however I must confess to being easily amused. When I’ve had a few even ‘Mr. Rogers vs. Mr. T ‘ is funny. Coincidentally (or not) Stephen Hawkings makes several appearances on various ERB videos such as ‘Hitler vs. Darth Vader’ (watch the version with all 3 episodes stuck together).
    My fave is ‘Frederick Douglas vs. Thomas Jefferson’ w JB Smoove as Douglas.

  10. DLC says

    Bit of Pedantry : It was Hawking. not Hawkins, Hawkings or Hawking’s. Never Hawking’s, unless describing something he did or owned. Sorry. I shall now desist.
    He was a brilliant scholar, whose flexibility of thought allowed him to change his opinion on black holes when his work showed his earlier work was in error.