1. Gregory Greenwood says

    Evolution allows for the development of truly incredible critters, and so long as I can observe this particular incredible product of evolution from a suitably safe distance, I am fine with that…

  2. anxionnat says

    Thank you for the photo of the cave spider! I love spiders, octopi, and other creatures because they are so–well, *alien looking*. Many years ago, I had a work-study job in Berkeley Calif doing animal care at a bio lab. We had tarantulas. At first I was afraid of them. Then I learned that they wouldn’t bite unless I scared them. After that year or so, they (and the big snakes) became my favorites in the lab! I could carry the snakes around, wrapped around my waist (they anchored themselves by twisting their tails through my belt loops), and I came to enjoy carrying the tarantulas around too. Sometimes they would climb up my arm and hide on my shoulder, behind my hair. Wonderful creatures!

  3. Scott Simmons says

    The high zoom level makes it look bigger and scarier than it really is.

    Actual cave spiders are rarely much larger than a human head.

    Goodnight! Sweet dreams!

  4. davidc1 says

    Would like to know some more about the critter ,can anyone point me towards a good online article ,WITHOUT PHOTOS .
    Thanks .

  5. sundiver says

    An ex-girlfriend had a tarantula. Pretty cool critter for an arthropod; I just never saw eye-to-eye-to-eye-to-eye-to-eye-to-eye with it.

  6. methuseus says

    I’m an arachnophobe, but I absolutely love spiders (as long as they’re not on/near me). This one is wonderful. I almost said beautiful, but that’s not really the right word. Spiders are wonderful, useful creatures that I try not to kill, even when I want to scream my head off and hit them with a flamethrower.