I get email…from the presidential inauguration committee?

WTF? This junk mail was actually sent to me from a committee which appears to be the real deal.

Thank you for signing up for your 2017 Make America Great Again Welcome Celebration tickets! Together, we’re going to kick-off the inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-elect Michael R. Pence. We’re excited that you’re going to be a part of this historic event.

What: Make America Great Again Welcome Celebration
When: Thursday, January 19, 2017
Time: Concert from 4PM – 6PM. Gates open at 12:30PM and close at 3:30PM.
Where: Lincoln Memorial

What: Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony
When: Friday, January 20, 2017
Time: Ceremony begins at 11:30 AM. Gates open at 6 AM.
Where: United States Capitol

Your commemorative ticket(s) will be emailed to you.

For more information, follow us on social media and be sure to visit the website: www.58pic2017.org

I did not sign up for tickets to Trump’s pathetic “triumph”. One possibility is that some pest signed me up for this, something that happens surprisingly often (I have been signed up for “free trial subscriptions” to all kinds of bizarre magazines, for instance). The other is that they are so desperate for attendees that they are mass-mailing this crap to everyone. Has anyone else been invited?


  1. Dunc says

    The third possibility is that it’s actually a scam of some kind. The domain 58pic2017.org is registered by a proxy…

  2. davidc1 says

    Someone on the interweb suggested getting hold of as many free tickets as possible ,and laugh yourself silly at all the empty seats .
    Never mind only around 1400 days left.

  3. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    seems that can’t even give away tickets for free. All the scalpers who scooped up the full price tickets, hoping to resell with a “margin” ( >100%). Seems they are now stuck with tickets they can’t sell. Now the InaugCommittee is desperately trying to give them away for free.
    Funny how they don’t consider attendance itself to be THE cost (far higher than any $ amount).

    Good news everybody [in Farnsworth voice] forecast has rain in DC at noon. (Saturday, only cloudy) if it was Obama’s inaug PatRo would say it was a sign from Gawd and all, this year I’m sure he’ll say the rain represents nourishment like Trump will be to the USA. >>>> Hey Pat, bullshit is nourishing to dirt, we know.
    Even with atheism in full force within me, I’ll go with the rain being a sign of God’s disapproval of the turd being inaugurated (to be said to my friends who still believe it exists) . ha ha *wretch*

  4. blf says

    No idea what that e-mail is about, but “58pic2017.org” does appear to be teh trum-prat’s inauguration committee’s site.

  5. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    re @5:
    Me too, I would get scooped up.
    With a bag of post-ripe tomatoes I would be intending to toss at The Cheetoh.
    — I’m glad that’s only my imagination about my attendance performance (art). shit

    actually glad it sounds like the ballrooms will be effectively vacant.

  6. davidc1 says

    America ,you were warned about fartface by the golden eagle that went crazy when he came near fartface .
    You only have yourself to blame .

  7. davidnangle says

    slithey tove, please tell me there’s lightning in the forecast, too. Blood rain? Maybe frog rain? Better yet, anvil rain.

  8. blf says

    I’d prefer a giant crack to open up and shallow the lot, notably including most of Congress, then slam shut and chew on them a bit. Unfortunately, that will probably result in a Vomit Volcano, spewing noxious if well-chewed toxins all over the planet…

  9. wzrd1 says

    Wait, B-52’s don’t have deluge tanks. :/
    I guess they’d have to settle for a forestry service C-130 full of water.

    “I, Donald J. Trump do solemnly swear to-” SPLASH!

  10. quotetheunquote says

    @davidnangle #15:

    Oh, water, I think; I can picture the scene now:

    “I’m melting! I’m melting! Oh, what a world….!”

  11. says

    @4 Sure, if it were to rain on Obama, that would be a sign of disapproval. But I would guess rain on Trump would be God’s tears of joy. Funny them signs. It is as if they can mean whatever one wants them to mean. :)

  12. gijoel says

    But it’s going to be the best inauguration ever. Definitely very classy. So sad that lefties can’t appreciate a classy inauguration.

  13. whywhywhy says

    @4 and @18 Why would Trump care? God doesn’t vote and the Bible outsold the Art of Deal. Trump is not a big fan…

    As for how to read natural events:
    – thunderstorm is god laughing
    – lightening is god celebrating a sports win
    – hail is god’s confetti
    – tornado is god dancing
    – hurricane is god blow drying it’s hair
    – volcano eruption is god getting too excited
    – and we all know earthquakes are because too many women are dressing in an unchaste manner (http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/boobquake-today-cleavage-earthquakes/story?id=10474704)

    : )

  14. davidc1 says

    19 ,Wait until he covers the white house in cheap imitation gold leaf and puts a huge neon lit rotating tump sign on top .

  15. gijoel says

    I saw an add where it speculated that Trump would hold meetings with heads of state at his hotels and then claim he was doing it so the American tax payer would be saving taxes. Sad to say I think the Drumpf heads will eat it up.

  16. Colin J says

    Has anyone else been invited?

    Have they been invited? Or have they received an invitation? Apparently there’s a significant difference.

    At the start of the week, Australia’s One Nation party was crowing about how their leader had been invited to the inauguration. Even tweeting that she had received invitations and the Prime Minister hadn’t.

    Now it turns out that they were pestering the Australian embassy in Washington, who dug up a couple of tickets just to shut them up. But Senator Malcolm Roberts was quick to respond with:

    Never said we were invited, just that we had ‘invitations’


    Where are we going, and why are we in a handbasket?

  17. wzrd1 says

    Wait until he covers the white house in cheap imitation gold leaf and puts a huge neon lit rotating tump sign on top .

    I’m more expecting a huge neon lit rotating sign that reads, “Girls, girls, girls!”.

  18. says

    Australia has a delightful party of loons and bigots called One Nation although some refer to it as Ein Reich. They were so desperate to bask in Trumps orange-hued glory that they harrassed Australian Embassy staff to procure them tickets. They are now crowing about being invited. Of course they will bill the travel expenses to the poor Australian taxpayer. They scored less than 5% of the vote but sadly hold the balance of stupidity in our ridiculous excuse for a democracy.

  19. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says

    Never mind only around 1400 days left.

    730 if we can find a way to distribute enough claritin to ease non-right-wing-crazies’ allergy to showing up for midterm elections.