There is a disease eating the brains of Americans

It ain’t kuru.

It’s the disease of ignorance, Christianity, conspiracy-theorizing, and the kind of raging right-wing poison that inspires garbage like this.


Those are the symptoms of kuru — they just copied them off a med site on the internet. They do not apply. Hillary and Bill Clinton do not have kuru. I have a special contempt for assholes who try to assign specific medical diagnoses on the basis of simple prejudice and stupidity.

In case you’re wondering where the hell this lunacy came from, it’s Facebook, obviously, and a group called “Pizzagate”. You don’t want to go there. These are the worst human beings.


  1. Nemo says

    Even just on a biological basis, it’s wrong-headed — Kuru of course doesn’t just come from eating human flesh and blood generally, but from eating the flesh of people who were infected with Kuru, specifically. It’s an infectious prion.

  2. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Iseethesignsdontyouitis is the disease I see, don’t you? /smirk
    You know, the amateur diagnostician, who by reading webMD can diagnose THE disease a person is suffering, regardless of what their doctor tells them. (cuz doctors are all shills for big pharma, so they just want to push drugs and not actually cure anyone, eh).
    [no longer playing that game]:
    It is renching [sic] how people will come up with such bizarre stories to attack someone they don’t like. Painting it all sciencey to make it sound like not-just-an-opinion but a cold hard rational reason to despise the targeted person.
    I think it is a elaborate form of “othering” which tribal behavior tends toward.

  3. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    hmmm Blossom Peckham-Scwann’s icon is suspiciously that of the huge cult that ritually celebrates eating human flesh and blood weekly, recently transmogrified from bread and wine.
    I think maybe the wine didn’t entirely transmogrify and a little too much actual wine was sipped during the blood drinking ceremony. ?
    I must resist doing the simple call of “Poe” given the disconnect between the list of symptoms and the final line of “eating human flesh and blood” which I connect directly to the crucifixion depicted in her nym’s icon.?
    *slurp coffee* BRB ?

  4. wzrd1 says

    The real question is, how many members of that Facebook group have originating IP’s from Saint Petersburg, Russia?

    There is a Russian information warfare unit there, whose members are quite literally paid to play as US citizens, while trolling various sites.
    Russian network centric warfare has been on high gear, both agitating in the US and also performing things like the DNC hack (actually, it was a spear phishing attack, which tricked users into clicking on an embedded link to “change your password”, which redirected to a hostile site, harvested the user’s credentials and installed a remote access tool on the user’s system.

    Load the .csv file and count the number of hostile IP’s. The press paid attention to the .pdf, which is an executive summary.

  5. Silver Fox says

    My mother died of CJD, a close relative of kuru, and I can assure you that Hillary does not exhibit any of the horrible symptoms that my mother had. Besides, prion diseases have a a very fast trajectory. From the time my mother was diagnosed to her death was about 6 months. And, for the record, my mother never ate human brains.

  6. numerobis says

    I thought Kuru was from eating nervous system tissue (brains and spinal cords), not the flesh — similarly with CJD. Am I out of date?

  7. Dunc says

    The real question is, how many members of that Facebook group have originating IP’s from Saint Petersburg, Russia?

    There is a Russian information warfare unit there, whose members are quite literally paid to play as US citizens, while trolling various sites.

    And they’ve never heard of proxies or VPNs? Seems sloppy… I’d expect a “Russian information warfare unit” to be at least as savvy as the average teenager trying to watch Netflix shows not available in their own country.

    You really don’t need to invoke The Russians for this. Just as you generally shouldn’t assume malevolence when incompetence will suffice, you shouldn’t assume Russian Information Warfare when homegrown stupidity and paranoia will do the job. It’s not like the US is noted for it’s lack of tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theorists – quite the contrary, in fact. These are the intellectual descendants of the people who claimed that fluoridation of drinking water was a communist mind control plot. Oh, hang on a minute, that sounds kinda familiar now that I mention it… A sinister Russian plot to manipulate good honest Americans? I’m sure I’ve heard something vaguely like that recently…

  8. Jado says

    Look, all y’all are arguing based on facts and science. You are denying the very basis of these conspiracy theories, in that the promoters and people that enjoy them all get a jolt of adrenaline or dopamine when someone clicks on these idiotic images and then gets all bent out of shape about the “coverup”.

    Oooohhh, sweet, sweet dopamine. It’s so good when some low information idiot takes your carefully crafted bovine excrement and splashes it all across the internet.

    Or when that constant low-level stress you put up with due to the malfeasance of the masters of the universe outsourcing your job, or stealing your pension, or just repealing your health insurance FINALLY finds a cause to erupt into full-blown RAGE!! It’s sooo cathartic.

    These people are addicts. Logic isn’t going to work on them until the hit rock bottom, and CHOOSE to change

  9. wzrd1 says

    Dunc @ 22, I’ve read traffic transcripts garnered via “five eyes”, before a proxy could be reached, as well as their scripts that were harvested from their computers.
    There ain’t many saints around, but plenty of sinners and some real bastards out there.
    A hint for the latter; 770 or so IP’s involved in the DNC spear phish attack and subsequent remote access tool infiltration.

    Oh well, maybe for the next Russian election, Gazprom might have a major valve failure. Again.