Camouflage complete

Look closely. Can you see me? I’m invisible!

Well, I would be if I were in the ocean.

Marcus Ranum ran across this, and thought it would be my kind of thing. It is!


  1. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    That is a beautiful thing.
    I bet I could work out a pattern for knitting one.

  2. LewisX says

    What are you all talking about? All I see is a bit of rather nice looking book shelving, and two bits of wall. Although the nearest bit of wall does have the vaguest hint of some abyssal octopodal terror waiting to pounce. Gotta be my imagination because abyssal octopodal terrors don’t come with beards, do they? Let me have a closer look…

  3. MattP (must mock his crappy brain) says

    Look very much like my current 3 year old glasses from zenni, except mine have polycarbonate lenses with cracks at all the mounting points (much like its similar rimless predecessor). Finally got around to getting a new eye exam, so have a new half-rim pair inbound that will hopefully never develop cracks like the previous two rimless frames.

  4. JohnnieCanuck says

    Hmm. A colourful piece of cloth worn around the neck to make the wearer invisible. Sounds like the story of how the necktie came to be a frivolous bit of fashion accessorisation via Croatia and Paris.