Behold, a political statement!

One of my university colleagues (two, actually: Jen Goodnough is also running for a seat) is campaigning for the school board in Morris.


I’m impressed. This is one of those thankless jobs with little reward that is vital for our community, and is usually taken on by far right religious ideologues, so it’s good to see someone taking it on.

Don’t look at me. I have a reputation in this town, and I know how well I’d do if I tried to run myself. I’d probably drive up the Republican turnout.


  1. says

    Oh, right, the school board! I need to get on finding out who these people running in my area are. I haven’t found any information on them. I can’t vote if I don’t know who I’m voting for. (Well, I could, but I’d prefer to refer to voting without knowing the candidates as flailing your ballot wildly.)

  2. weathergrrrl says

    There’s a third UMM prof running, Jennifer Deane from history is on the ballot too. Given how the ballot is structured it is possible to vote for all three.

  3. Derek Vandivere says

    “A reputation in this town” – I’m curious, is that from local real-world activism in Morris or has your reputation leaked from the Internet to real life?

  4. blf says

    Poopyhead’s “reputation in this town” is mostly due to creatures escaping from the vats. Well, there was also that incident with the zebrafish and octopus, in the graveyard at night, but there was no proof. Other than a faint odor of formaldehyde.