Christ, they’re doing it again

It’s a sequel, God’s Not Dead 2 (but Professor Jeffery Radisson is).

Like the first one, the heart of this already terribad movie is a ginned-up controversy. Philosophy professors do not force students to sign pledges of belief, and there is no prohibition against citing the Bible as a literary and sociologically-relevant text. Even us noisy militant atheists don’t argue that you have no right to believe as you want.

The movie is going to be more invented oppression to fit the persecution complex of Christians. It’ll probably make a bucket of money, while getting abysmal reviews and making the rational, honest part of society puke into buckets.


  1. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    [stating the obvious:]
    April 1, 2016. hmmmm All fools day.
    noted the line about “how can we ~~~, and not get blood on our hands”. How Christian, Lady MacBeth had something to say about that.

  2. Howard Bannister says

    When my mom found out I was an atheist she asked if I would watch the first God’s Not Dead movie with her.

    Um, nooooooo?

  3. =8)-DX says

    God’s not Dead 2: He Rises For Your Brains!
    God’s not Dead 3: The Christbusters League.
    From then on it’s just Christbusters 2&3, followed by Unholy Spirit: The Animated Series and the underrated Christmas: Rebirth.

  4. says

    Yeah, I don’t recall signing any belief pledge in my philosophy courses. But then the creators of this movie aren’t aiming to accurately portray philosophy professors or atheists.

  5. freemage says


    God’s not Dead 2: He Rises For Your Brains!
    God’s not Dead 3: The Christbusters League.
    From then on it’s just Christbusters 2&3, followed by Unholy Spirit: The Animated Series and the underrated Christmas: Rebirth.

    Except for God’s Not Dead X: Jesus In Space. That’s the one where he fights Freddy Kreuger.

  6. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    while getting abysmal reviews and making the rational, honest part of society puke into buckets.
    I see only a few buckets, here and there, will be called for. [cynical, me]
    it only makes “sense” for cashgrabbers to try to profit off all the wailing of persecution by diehard xians. So just slapdash together a piece of drivle and market it with a “clickbait” title.
    I can’t wait for schadenfreude, to see this thing fizzle at the box. I’ll bet DVD/blueray sales will skyrocket, as propaganda handouts on every streetcorner. (and every church, of course).
    still amused that they agreed to that, implicatious, release date.

  7. quotetheunquote says

    Oh, f*ck.

    Strawman after strawman. Again.

    I encountered this a few times as an undergraduate; express anything that even slightly calls their belief system into question, up go the cries of “persecution”. I am thoroughly sick of entitled people whining about how bad they have it.

  8. microraptor says

    When I was in college, I actually got in trouble for being “too controversial” in a persuasive speaking class for using “Why Pascal’s Wager is a poor argument for whether or not God exists” for a speech. While meanwhile other studens were using “Why gay marriage should be outlawed” (short version, because gays are icky and allowing them to marry makes hetero marriage less special somehow).

    The school had four different campus Christian clubs which didn’t do anything but promote conservative Christian views on the student body, but I was told that my idea for a secular club so that non-religious students could have their own group “didn’t contribute enough.”

    And this was at a state school, not some private religious college.

    So anyway, my point is that this idea that colleges are all hyper-secular places makes me laugh.

  9. zenlike says

    Never forget that the first one was a movie about an atheist professor trying to convert his christian students based upon the true story… of a christian professor converting an atheist student.

    Liars for jeebus in action.

  10. ParaLess says

    Is this the one where the ending prompted viewers to text everyone to see the movie?

    My ex-wife’s aunt texted me after seeing this, or one of these movies right at the time my Christian ex-wife was being abusive towards me and my daughter.

    I felt let down by the world at that moment.

  11. nathanieltagg says

    When I first loaded the page, the movie above was the cockroach getting eaten by the centipede.

    … I’m not sure it wasn’t more apropos.

  12. robro says

    God’s not dead, he’s just MIA. Haven’t heard diddly-squat from it in…ooh, I don’t know…ages, millennia, a long time…ever. Anyway, how can something that never was be dead.

    My philosophy professor was a Christian, in fact an ordained Southern Baptist minister at an SB college. We never had to sign a pledge of belief one way or another, of course. I’m fairly sure he would have found such claims laughable. He was open minded and rational. He was publicly committed to academic freedom and opposed to shutting out unorthodox ideas. He sponsored my honors thesis on Herbert Marcuse.

  13. otrame says

    Robro @16

    Oh, you mean an intellectually honest man with (as we all have) a few holes in his rationality. Got it. I’ve known quite a few people like him.

    And since I’ve seen so many asshole atheists, I’ve decided that I do not care what you believe. I only care about what you DO. Treat people around you well, and I’m with you, even if you believe in pink invisible unicorns, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Jehovah.

  14. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    I do not care what you believe. I only care about what you DO. –otrame@17

  15. jaybee says

    As long as we are talking about Jesus movies, how about re-releasing the classic “Jesus Christ, Superstar”?

    And for the gentiles, “Jesus Christ, Superstar” (uncut edition)

  16. grantly says

    On the plus side, it’s more grist for the mill over at the God Awful Movies podcast…

  17. johnhodges says

    I would really like to see someone make a movie that portrayed the ministry and teachings of Jesus straightforwardly as they are “reported” in the synoptic gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

    I went through the four Gospels and collected everything Jesus is reported to have said about what his followers should DO. I found that there actually IS an underlying logic to it. The Jesus of the first three (“synoptic”) gospels believed that the world was ending soon, certainly within the lifetime of those hearing him speak, Judgment Day was coming when everyone would be sorted into the saved and the damned, and sent to Heaven or a fiery Hell respectively. Very few would be saved; almost everyone would be going to Hell. He told his followers to take drastic measures to rack up as much credit as they could in the limited time remaining, and AFTER they had done all that he commanded, they should count themselves as unworthy servants and hope that Yahveh would be gracious. Jesus commanded his followers to follow the entire Law of Moses down to the last Iota (punctuation mark), except for the dietary laws. He told them to sell everything they owned and distribute the money to the poor, to practice strict nonviolent pacifism, to abstain from all sin even in their thoughts, even to the point of self-castration to avoid thoughts of lust, which were spiritually equivalent to adultery. He told them not to judge others, that was not their job, Judgment Day was coming soon enough, focus on purifying their own character, doing good works, and spreading the news.

    The fourth gospel, of “John”, was written more than 70 years after the time of Jesus, and it is starkly different from the others. His warnings of Judgment Day, and his instructions of what to do to prepare for it, have all been deleted. There is no mention of Hell, no mention of helping the poor, no mention of following the Law. According to “John”, one can be saved by “believing in Jesus” and taking Communion. Modern Christianity has chosen to ignore Matthew, Mark, and Luke and place all their faith in John.

  18. says

    Well, at least the absurdity of the trailer made me laugh.

    Odds are, this movie will be worse than the original, and do worse than the original, and “God’s Not Dead 3” will struggle to get a widespread release in theaters.

    Still, when they can churn them out for a little over a million bucks a piece, I doubt they will stop making them any time soon.

  19. Kreator says

    This movie is stupid, but not for the reasons that you think. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to break through all the groupthink going on here, but for those of you who haven’t yet closed your minds completely, I recommend to read the book “The Nephilim Conspiracy” by Sir Percival Oswald Emile Lawton. There you will learn that not only God is most definitely dead (which, as a credit to your religion, makes your irrational disbelief somewhat understandable) but that He was, in fact, murdered shortly after Jesus’ resurrection. The full text of the book is available only on the Deep Web, as one of the last two surviving physical copies is in the hands of the anonymous collector who scanned and uploaded it. The other is thought to be in possession of the Catholic Church, secured inside a heavily guarded vault at Vatican City.

    Here’s a resume just in case: the Biblical giants known as Nephilim have tried to dominate Mankind for a long time now; they are the beings that modern ufologists call “Reptilians.” They descend from intelligent dinosaurs that left Earth for a colony on the Moon after the crash of the meteorite (incidentally, the ruins of this colony were found and investigated by the crews of the secret Apollo missions XVIII to XX, but that’s another story. Look it up if you want.)

    Anyway, the Nephilim wanted to kill God, as He protected Mankind and would not allow His creations to be slaves to anyone but Him. The first weapon that they created were the pyramids, devices meant to channel the energy of the Earth’s core into a powerful beam of energy which would pierce the Heavens and hit Him straight in His heart. Unfortunately, they misfired and destroyed Planet X instead, creating the Asteroid Belt. After this failure, and predicting the arrival of Jesus, the Nephilim spent centuries developing a spiritual virus which they secretly uploaded into Him before His final return to Heaven. When He arrived there, the virus quickly spread among all its denizens, our Lord included, killing them in the act. Thus there was no God any more, and evil had a chance to spread once again leading to our corrupt times.

    It’s a fascinating book if you give it a chance. Where have visionaries like Sir P. O. E. Lawton gone?

  20. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    There you will learn that not only God is most definitely dead

    God isn’t dead. It never existed except as a delusion in the minds of fools.

  21. jockmcdock says

    Slithey got it right. April 1…best date for this movie.

    And as for the original movie, wasn’t Radisson actually a believer who hated god because he let his (Radisson) mother die? So, neither side actually thought in terms of god being dead.

    On the plus side, I quite like that song. I usually sing “Thor’s not dead…”

    Time to get back to The War on Christmas. Happy Holidays, everyone.

  22. Kreator says

    Feeble effort.

    Wow, tough crowd :(

    I wonder if I should have thrown in something about the Illuminati in there… then again, I didn’t want to make it too long and rambling. I guess I also should have gone either fully serious or tongue-in cheek .

  23. Nick Gotts says

    Well Kreator, I thought it was quiet good – I wasn’t sure you were joking until you spelled out Sir Percival’s initials. There really is no nonsense so nonsensical that no-one will believe it!