Uh-oh, Twitter debate…

In a few hours, at 9 UK time, TheRationalizer (godless heathen, tool of the Enlightenment) will be trying to argue on Twitter with AllTruthRevealed (Islamic fanatic, general nutcase) on the question “Is the Qur’an man made?”

I suspect AllTruthRevealed will be making his case almost entirely on the basis of incredulous claims that the Qur’an contains mysterious knowledge that Mohammed could not have known without divine revelation. It’ll be all nonsense, in other words.


  1. Saad says

    Should be interesting. My favorite of those arguments is how could Muhammad himself have described the experience of drowning since he had never been to the sea/ocean? And how could he have known about bacteria without divine revelation? This one comes from one of his admonishments to the Bedouins to cover their vessels of water otherwise evil spirits will get in. By evil spirits he meant, of course, prokaryotes. Duh.

  2. madtom1999 says

    Leave the lid on – no evil spirits. Take it off – evil spirits. Scientific method approved by Mo!

  3. robro says

    “how could Muhammad himself have described the experience of drowning…” Perhaps that’s a question like how can you be in two places at once when you’re nowhere at all.

    Off topic, but Leonard Nemoy has died.

  4. shadow says

    Does it (the Q’uran) explain why kamikaze pilots wore helmets? Why are there interstate highways — in Hawaii?

  5. John Small Berries says

    “how could Muhammad himself have described the experience of drowning since he had never been to the sea/ocean?”

    It’s a fair question. They hadn’t invented rivers, lakes, ponds, or bathtubs in the 7th century.

    But it’s proof of Allah’s subtle wisdom that all that mysterious knowledge contained in the Qur’an has only been revealed in hindsight, after the secular world has discovered it independently, rather than driving scientific discovery and propelling humanity towards knowledge for which we are not yet ready.

    (</sarcasm>, in case it’s not blindingly obvious.)

  6. says

    I see the phrase “Twitter debate” and my eyes glaze over. I deglaze them to see the topic and the erstwhile defender of a paedophile horse-pilot arguing the negative and I perform a Full Double-Rimmer Facepalm.

  7. says

    Someone’s gotta ask him about Uthman’s compilation and edit of the koran and whether Uthman was also divinely inspired. And if Uthman’s divine inspiration trumped Mohammed’s.

    Another fun question is: if you believe the koran was divinely inspired do you also believe the book of mormon was divinely inspired?