1. Johnny Vector says

    The mighty Fighting Cuttlefish
    Are lined up in the pool.
    Their jets are primed, their ink is wet,
    They’re looking really cool.

    The fans are in their seats
    (Or rather, floating all around).
    The QB calls an audible
    (A bubbly sort of sound).

    The whistle blows, he throws!
    The wide receiver is a star.
    But a ball thrown underwater
    Doesn’t travel very far.

    It’s really rather boring
    But the players don’t complain.
    Because they know the games
    Are never cancelled due to rain.

  2. Xaivius (Formerly Robpowell, Acolyte of His Majesty Lord Niel DeGrasse Tyson I) says

    I just think it’s made of adorableness. All I can see is all of them looking at something, and then scooting laterally as the thing moves, still watching it.