Richard Carrier will be everywhere all the time

Tonight he’s on Skeptic Fence. Next week he’ll be speaking in San Francisco. The week after that, he’ll be talking about Jesus in Ottawa.

I don’t know about this. Carrier’s the guy who finally convinced me that Jesus was little more than a glorified legend, largely by pointing out all the inconsistencies in the Bible. I’m beginning to suspect that Carrier must be a kind of congealed myth, himself.


  1. Al Dente says

    According to the Book of Mormon Jesus came to the Americas. Maybe he went slumming in Ottawa after hitting the bright lights of Saskatoon.

  2. daveau says

    As an Illinoiser, I always assume when someone says “Ottawa” that they mean Ottawa, Illinois.

    Besides, Jesus wouldn’t want to speak in Canada anyway. After he says “So, like, the meek shall inherit the earth, eh.” Then he has to repeat it en français, comme ça: “Les débonnaires hériteront de la terre, eh.” Way too cumbersome.

  3. rq says

    Les débonnaires hériteront de la terre

    I just translated that back into English and it seems some lucky upper-class dudes are about to come into some inheritance.
    Is Richard Carrier going to speak in both languages, too? It’s not as hard as speaking in tongues.

    Al Dente
    Slumming in Ottawa?? *tsk* Everyone knows the real slumming is across the riverin Hull.

  4. Al Dente says

    an Illinoiser

    Isn’t the correct term “Illinoisirite”? Or is it “Illinoisese” or possibly “Illinoisois”?

  5. favog says

    My first step toward being a mythicist came from being bored at a moment when an issue of “The Watchtower” was the only source of potential amusement at hand. Carrier is the one who finally confirmed to me that I was leaning the right way on the subject. I’m wanting “On the Historicity of Jesus” on the same level I want “The Winds of Winter” … and it’s going to be great watching all the people who freaked out over Rasa Aslan’s book really lose it over this one!

  6. daveau says

    Isn’t the correct term “Illinoisirite”? Or is it “Illinoisese” or possibly “Illinoisois”?

    You got me, Al. “Illinoiser” is a colloquialism, as in “I’m more Illinoiser than you.” The correct term is, in fact, Le IIllinoisois”, which refers to the male gender. “La Illinoisoise” is feminine, and “Les Illinoisoises” is plural. The only advantage I can see is that when we go to Canada, we only have to say it once.

  7. rq says

    “Le Illinoisois”, […] “La Illinoisoise”

    Technically, those should be ‘L’Illinoisois’ and L’Illinoisoise’. Though that would make them French words, not Illinoisy words. :)
    That capital-i plus two ells confuses my brain.

  8. daveau says

    We can butcher our French any way we want. After all, they’re foreigners, and we don’t have to listen to them. Besides, it’s been decades since I took French, and I barely remember what I had for breakfast an hour ago. Pretty sure not french toast, though. ;-)

  9. Beatrice, an amateur cynic looking for a happy thought says

    I have to introduce American state names as a way to practice French pronunciation in class next time.
    Guaranteed to break your brain and numb your tongue. Or the other way around.

  10. rq says

    :D Freedom fries, maybe?

    I always get stuck with Kansas and Arkansas. And Tucson. I don’t think even French will help you out there.

  11. twas brillig (stevem) says

    “Isn’t the correct term “Illinoisirite”? Or is it “Illinoisese” or possibly “Illinoisois”?”

    The fool here would say it was “Illinoiter”, based on the weird name for residents of Cambridge as Cantabrigians.
    Apologies; I just have to display my ignorance; to try to clean it out ;-}

  12. Sastra says

    “Isn’t the correct term “Illinoisirite”? Or is it “Illinoisese” or possibly “Illinoisois”?”

    The correct term is “from Illinois.” As in “I am from Illinois.” Or, perhaps, “in Illinois.”

    I am from Illinois and our dealings with linguistics are purely practical. If it looks stupid, then nope.

  13. robro says

    Thanks for the tip about the SF event, PZ. Perhaps I can make it.

    My dictionary says a person from Illinois is called an Illinoisan.

  14. Al Dente says

    Sastra @17

    The correct term is “from Illinois.”

    Not “Illinoiswallah” or “Illinoisi”? I am disappoint.

  15. Daniel Schealler says

    Silly PZ. Of course Richard Carrier will be everywhere all the time.

    Omnipresence is a property of Richard Carrier by definition.