1. carlie says

    That is one of my favorite plants. My great-grandmother had them in her tiny garden, and I was always fascinated by them. I have one in my yard now, and I adore it.

  2. Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :) says

    Around here those are called “bleeding hearts.”

    Interesting, because it immediately makes me think of something else entirely :3

  3. says

    I also love bleeding heart plants. I have been known to ask children on the street as they are walking by if they know what the flowers are and pull a flower apart while telling the folk tale of how the flowers came to be called that. Kids are always welcome to pick a few of mine as they go by.

  4. Akira MacKenzie says

    Gee, thanks for reminding me it was Flaunt-Your-Sex-Life-In-Front-Of-The-Hopelessly-Single Day again. As if I didn’t have anything else in to feel depressed about. :(

  5. antigone10 says

    That is one kinky- looking flower. I’m surprised Georgia O’Keeffe missed that one.

    I’m sorry that things are not going well for you *internet hugs*. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone single, as well.

  6. chigau (違う) says

    I have had “bleeding heart” plants in my garden, flower bed and as potted plants.
    I have killed been involved in the demise of every one.
    My spider plants are fine.

  7. Rip Steakface says

    I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day as part of a couple. It’s probably saved me a fair amount of money, but it’s still really bittersweet seeing everyone else every 2/14.

    At least my birthday is always the next week.

  8. saganite says

    I dunno, blood is usually red. That white stuff looks like something else. And I agree with post 3 about the shape of the flower itself, too; interpretations abound.

  9. knowknot says

    Always pleased when posts like these illustrate what’s wrong with my brain.
    Looked at the picture, and my eye immediately drifted to the file listing – organisms – and I swear letters were missing, which suddenly reappeared.

  10. carlie says

    A bleeding-heart might be a great symbol of this week’s Darwin Day holiday; there was some major amount of evolution going on there.

  11. mjmiller says

    Jesus PZ! Put that stuff below the fold and announce it with a big bold NSFW. Think of the children! Oh, and virtual hugs to all and sundry in our little family, especially to those who don’t have a meat world hug on hand for “Artificially Contrived Candy, Card and Flower Day”.

  12. =8)-DX says

    @mjmiller #14
    Uh, so there’s this rule that like on the 14th of Feb.. youknow… people who are together should suddenly loooooove each other and their problems (including rent and interest payments and familiar strife) just dissapears and they’re oh so happy funky dory? Meat world hugs are complicated – even on “Contrived Card Representations of Plant Genitals and Human Pumping Organ” day.

    Fuck you – yes virtual hugs, but there’s no rational reason to reject tha hugs for people who happen to have another person to hug on a regular basis.