1. magistramarla says

    That video had everything – the homeless, the disabled, people devastated by storms, inter-racial couples.
    I especially liked the man with the prosthetic leg.
    Political campaigns like to use a good video as the backdrop for their ads or conventions.
    I would really love to see this video used at the Democratic convention.
    I think that it would win hearts and explode conservative heads as a bonus.

    Oh, and I was taking a quick break from preparing for weekend company. This break left me smiling and in tears at the same time!

  2. robro says

    Yes, very beautiful and inspiring. Now I have a new (to me) singer to listen to. Thank you, PZ.

    (And, Gregory, thanks for the link to the lyrics.)

  3. leftwingfox says

    Al Dente: Did you see the “Hand in Hand” ballet dance out of China? Lovely and unique choreography designed around the dancer’s missing limbs.

  4. bittys says

    Stunning on so very many levels.

    And she has an absolutely gorgeous voice, i’ll definitely be trying to listen to more of her stuff.

    Thanks PZ

  5. M can help you with that. says

    How have I not heard her music before? (And I’m with David Hart on appreciating effective use of 7/4.)

  6. sundiver says

    One word. Beautiful. Watched this at least a dozen times and still get something in my eye.

  7. M can help you with that. says

    A line from the song:

    Let your faith die; bring your wonder.

    Sounds like it could be the motto of FtB.

  8. cormacolinde says

    Very nice, thanks for the link. I’d never heard her before, but her work is lovely, I just bought her album.