No one “lets” the #FtBullies win!

In a post at Skepchick announcing new incentives for their cancer fundraiser, Melanie Mallon says, “We can’t let the #FTBullies win!” Don’t worry, we’re sitting here on top of over $5000 raised for the Light the Night foundation, and no one has to let us win. We shall seize victory in our iron grip and raise it high against the pathetic resistance of our feeble competitors. Because that is what we do.

And yes, I noticed that we topped the second of my fundraising goals. Once I finish this pile of grading — this gigantic, overwhelming pile of grading — I’ll get writing on that. Your job is to get cracking and bring us over $7500 so I have to write another post on microRNAs and cancer, and then get us to $10K for a hangout discussion.