1. A. Noyd says

    Dutchgirl (#351)

    If your neighbor is new in the country that can be very overwhelming and unsettling. She may not know or have the resources to find help in the community.

    That’s the thing. She’s been here for years and still doesn’t speak much English at all. I’m not knocking her for that. I don’t think all immigrants should be forced to learn English, but, in the context of the other stuff I notice about her, it worries me. Seattle’s not exactly short on resources for Chinese immigrants, either.


    Giliell (#352)

    I just noticed the pun with your name NOW.

    It’s not much of a pun, really! What’s funny is the occasional person who notices my nym’s relation to “annoyed,” fails to realize it’s intentional, and acts like they’re clever for calling me “annoyed” or “annoying” or something.


    Anyway, new developments in the neighbor issue:

    Neighbor was smoking pretty regular last night, so I had the on-site manager go down and talk to her. Which isn’t as risky for them eviction-wise as making a formal complaint. Manager wasn’t sure how much he got across because her husband wasn’t there. Manager also told me that he doesn’t think they have a home phone. He said the husband calls him from work when he needs something and their intercom is hooked into the building’s office phone.

    If the woman really has no phone access, that’s another thing to worry about.

    I tried calling NW Network. The person I talked to didn’t have any ideas of where to go off the top of their head, but said they’d get back to me. On my own, I found a local service that does counseling and referrals for Asians and Asian-Americans. They have staff members who speak Chinese. But the most I can do is try to give the neighbor an information sheet from them in Chinese* and hope she can call them.

    Also, I’ve tried again looking for e-cig info in Chinese, but I’m still having difficulty. So far, (if Google translate can be trusted) most of what I find that isn’t scaremongering is too focused on quitting nicotine, and I don’t want to give the impression I’m trying to pressure her into quitting the drug itself when the issue is with her method of partaking of it. I’m planning to stop by some of the local tobacco shops and asking if they have info (in English or otherwise) and/or coupons for starter kits.

    *The service only offers a sheet in traditional characters. I’m pretty sure the neighbor is from the mainland, so I spent this afternoon rewriting the entire damn thing in simplified characters. (I’ll give the neighbor both sheets, just in case.) And it took rewriting because the original PDF wouldn’t let me copy the characters without turning them into mojibake (gibberish). Luckily, a good many of the characters were ones I can read and input using Japanese. So I wrote them out that way or looked them up in an online character dictionary and then used a conversion site to turn the recreated sheet into simplified.

  2. Crudely Wrott says

    Kind and demonstrably sweet Portia sez:

    You are welcome to come snuggle up on this very large couch of mine.

    Anx again. Mind if I put my feet up on your ottoman?

    My daughter’s plight is really not the end of the world. Rather, it is another beginning for her. I have not walked precisely in her footsteps but others have and I have observed them. Also, I have my own monkey though it is tiny compared to hers. As well, her trials are a new journey for me. And so it goes, Billy Pilgrim. And so it goes.

    As always, the compassion and the wisdom of the Horde is coveted. She and I could likely get through all of this without you but having you at hand (major plus wrt life’s edgyer* parts) is a large plus. We walk together, don’t we?

    *added to FF’s dictionary. Edgyer. It’s a real word, dammit.

  3. Pteryxx says

    A. Noyd: could you get someone at one of these local counseling referrals to take a written message from you and translate it into Chinese, to be given to her? Including explanation of your circumstances, that you’re not trying to make her quit or do anything, and that there are people she can contact if she needs any kind of help?

  4. Esteleth, statistically significant to p ≤ 0.001 says

    Fun fact!

    You can buy sangria in the beer aisle at the grocery store!

    It comes in 11.2 fl oz bottles, is 3.2% ABV, looks and smells like cough syrup, and tastes like regret.

    Tasty, tasty regret.

  5. Crudely Wrott says

    Someone would recommend the beer in the wine isle.

    I hope . . .

    Along with that hope I assume (look, going out on a limb) that the beer is better there. Operating under the further assumption that beer is usually better.

  6. Crudely Wrott says

    So. Larger of the two man cubs picks up its skate board and tells me that it has a place to go. I ask when will it be back. It says by eight. I look at smaller man cub. It sleeps soundly in the most comfy chair but opens an eye to recognize me. First day back to school for both. They will resist my mind combing about that. Their daily fate is my concern. Don’t tell them, OK?

  7. Crudely Wrott says


    If you don’t run away they won’t chase you.
    Still, it’s not that hard to be silly.
    For some it appears to be natural.
    And here I sit, neither running from nor running after. The photos are middling entertainment.

    This from someone who has been among the beasts.


  8. Portia says


    Welcome aboard, matey, we can all go for a three hour tour. (That’s long enough for at least 1.5 bad movies).

  9. A. Noyd says

    @Pteryxx (#501)
    That’s an idea. They should at least know where I should talk to for translating something like that.

  10. Nutmeg says

    *hugs* for FossilFishy, Crudely Wrott, and Ogvorbis.

    *excitement* for Esteleth’s evening! Also possibly *hangover cure*, if required.

  11. Crudely Wrott says

    Once the first stage arrives at the launch site, the rest of the rocket can be put together in just seven days, JAXA said. This makes it among the most quickly constructed rockets in the world, JAXA said, and represents a marked improvement over M-V’s construction time of 42 days.

    Rocket Science. It’s not just for breakfast any more.

  12. Crudely Wrott says

    Thanx, Nutmeg.

    Life is measurably better when someone else is aware.
    Something like that is why I hang around here.

    “I ain’t old but I been around a long time.”
    Courtesy of my local NPR station. Do tune in.

  13. Crudely Wrott says

    Is the current level of garrulity as obvious to others as it is on me? I just realized that I’ve been . . . garrulous all day. I go, “Wut? Whudee say?”.

    Apologies where needed. Where apologies are not needed I offer . . . silence, if such a thing can be attained.

    [switches to silent mode, all the better to hear you]

    *resists urge to ask “Can you hear me now?”

    Grins at self.

    Loves you all.

  14. Portia says

    Sometimes it occurs to me how delightfully hilarious it is that there’s a river boat going by playing pipe organ music at full blast.

  15. thunk (more world. maybe better) says

    seriously me, why is picking which colleges to apply to so hard? it’s a mix of “if you don’t apply here, you’ll regret it forever” and “seriously, why am I even considering going here” combined with general laziness, procrastination, and a refusal to actually look at the institutions involved because I’m afraid of growing up.


  16. Portia says


    You sound like me as a community college “senior”…if it helps, I ended up picking based on the prettiest campus (I mean it was also close to family, which was a big factor for me at the time)…and I have few regrets.

  17. says

    Basically, if there are schools that have a notably good reputation for a meteorology (That is your desired area of study, right?)department (I don’t know if there are, or which ones they might be), you might want to prioritize those, but otherwise you really just want to balance affordability vs being located in a place you’d like to spend the next 4+ years. I can’t help you on the fear of adulthood part except to offer my sympathies.

  18. thunk (more world. maybe better) says


    I think I’m doing a reasonably good job of that. (maybe)

  19. says

    Well, then all I can do is note that we’ve got some nice schools here in Oregon, several of which are located in areas which are (relatively) quite progressive on matters relating to gender identity. Also, no sales tax.
    /sales pitch

  20. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    Unless you’re going to one of maybe a dozen schools, max, in the US, the school you attend doesn’t matter much to employers… save to the extent that the professors of your school might directly know people making hiring decisions where you want to work.

    You wanna go nuts picking someplace, save all your acorns for picking a grad school.

  21. cicely says


    Crudely, *all the holding you can handle*.
    Plus an extra few *hugs*, as well.
    Er’ perrehnne, and all that.

    *hugs* for thunk. Growing up ain’t easy.

  22. thunk (more world. maybe better) says

    Crip Dyke: I kinda understand that- it’s just that finding the right balance of a)being someplace livable b)having meteorology c)not being in debt service afterwards and preferably not *too* transphobic is a tricky judgment call. I’m mostly sorted out though.

  23. Crudely Wrott says

    Cicely, this:
    Er,”Er’ perrehnne, and all that.” does not compute. I did a cursory search. Is it your spelling or my density?

    Anx for the holding and the hugs. Wonder workers, them.

  24. Ray, rude-ass yankee says

    Crudely Wrott, Good luck with all the trials and tribulations.

    My spawn are both staring school tomorrow morning, older one returning to, and younger one starting in, high school. How did that happen? Having two high school age kids is so unlike me, if you know me. : )

    Well, I’ve got to get up early to get the rude-spawn on the bus in the morning, so, Good Night one and all!

  25. Crudely Wrott says

    How did that happen?

    It’s simple, Ray. Once upon a time there was a gleam in someone’s eye. *_O Then there was us and this sort of thing that makes us ask, see above.

    [lousy emotithingy, I admit.]

  26. chigau (違う) says

    Crudely Wrott

    Er’ perrehnne

    is from Ursula Le Guin’s Lathe of Heaven.
    Which I am going to get from my bookshelf and rererererereetc. read tonight.
    Thank you, cicely.

  27. Markita Lynda—threadrupt says

    OGVORBIS, In re the “Rise Again” thread, you can find all things Stan Rogers at Fogarty’s Cove music, if it’s not in your local store.

  28. Tony! The Immorally Inferior Queer Shoop! says

    Anyone playing Scooby must be willing to indulge is teh Snax…the special kind. *wink wink*

  29. Hekuni Cat, MQG says

    onion girl – I hope you find a new job soon. *hugs and chocolate*

    FossilFishy – I am so sorry about your mother. You have my deepest condolences. *many hugs*

    I truly agree with your statement: “there are no good choices, there’s only pain mitigation.” I lost my eldest brother not quite two years ago and was faced with a similar situation; there were no funds for me to travel at that time because the ticket was hideously expensive. Fortunately my middle brother was able to get me tickets with his frequent flyer miles.

    Ogvorbis, Crudely Wrott – *hugs and chocolate*

  30. Portia says

    Hekuni Cat: *POUNCEHUG!* :D

    And I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. : ( *gentle hug*

  31. Crudely Wrott says

    Chigau to the rescue. Now I see the source of my ignorance. Having not read beyond The Dispossessed. My inattention is my undoing.
    Time allowing, that deficiency might be set right. Don’t bet your last dollar on it though.

    So much to read, so little light
    That even when it does shine
    I scarcely feel . . .
    No. Wait. Here is Eldest Daughter. I’ll encourage her to speak for herself:
    Well heya all! Daddy has just “introduced” y’all to me this eve, (not that I’ve not heard “boutcha before this eve ;) and I first want to thank you very deeply for the LOVE you have shown my Pops here and now and over the years. My heart goes out to you as extended family! I also would like to give *hugs* to you who empathize, sympathize and otherwise for me as I begin a new chapter in my crazy life. (NOPE! I do NOT want to trade as I rather have been and do and will continue to love MY crazy life!) This is all new to me and I anticipate that I will continue to learn as I move ever forward. Again, LOVE, much LOVE to you all! We’ll keep ya informed if you would like. ~jesi- the mighty mighty mistif~
    Dad, again. I haz a rime!!
    That gleam in my eye was not a waste of time!

  32. says

    Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :)

    So, I was just reading the Utilikilt website and…holy shit the tone is douchebaggy. O.o Anyone know of any alternative producers of similar garments?

    Why, yes, indeed I do, although I don’t remember his name. He sells his wares on the Renaissance Fair circuit in California. Well made kilts, nice guy who sells them, we happened to be camping next to each other on site. I will ask my fair-geek friends for his info, it may take a day or two.

  33. chigau (違う) says

    Crudely Wrott
    If you haven’t yet read The Left Hand of Darkness DO NOT read the wikipedia article or any other analysis.
    Read the book first.
    (jeeez book reviewers)

  34. Crudely Wrott says

    No, Chigau. I have only read the one title mentioned above. Shoot! I’m still working through the Asimov titles and am just beginning to catch up on the Feynman lectures! Never mind P. J. Farmer and H. P. Lovecraft. Give a guy a break.

  35. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says


    Okay, finding a place with lower transphobia is a headache [one which I eventually gave up on, but good on you for trying – I hope it pays off], and I have no idea of the prevalence of good meteorology programs, so I concede that one too.

    I would have been too jaded to pick based on what I thought might be lower transphobia, and instead just go with livability and cost. In fact, that’s what I did do for undergrad.

  36. chigau (違う) says

    Crudely Wrott
    my warning stands for everything on your list:
    Read the book before you read the reviews.

  37. chigau (違う) says

    Tony! The Immorally Inferior Queer Shoop!

    I wonder how a kilt would look on me…

    I hope I can make it as far as my bunk…

  38. Tony! The Immorally Inferior Queer Shoop! says

    Short Tony Tale:

    Tonight at work a female coworker and I were goofing off (we have established a small degree of playful banter between us). I came up behind her and reeeeeally gently blew on the back of her neck…trying to not make it obvious that it was someone. Did not work. She spun around and said something to the effect of ‘Ooooh Mr Tony*, you keep that up and I’m gonna rape you.’

    Fun over.
    I told her that rape is one thing only–non-consensual sex. She tried to clarify more, and while I told her I knew what she meant, I was not comfortable using ‘rape’ to describe it. It was the middle of dinner rush, so we did not get to talk more.

    *(it is so strange being called Mr Tony. I know it is intended respectfully, but I am not one of those newbie managers looking to force people to respect me. I want the respect, but I want to earn it, rather than demand it)

  39. Crudely Wrott says

    Tony, Your love has been delivered and I have it on good authority that it is returned with all good humor and sincerity. You do know how lucky you are, don’t you?
    Chigau: “Read the book first.”

    OK. Seriously. OK.
    It is my great pleasure to have my daughter post here. I speak to her often of you folks here and I have mentioned her here many times. So it’s only fitting that she sounds her own voice for you all. Perhaps she will slouch into the Lounge on her own. I’d not be the only one to enjoy her presence.
    She also has the advantage of favoring her father eyewise and set-of-smile wise. ;^> <—not like that wise. Otherwise. Prettywise.

  40. Tony! The Immorally Inferior Queer Shoop! says

    Btw, I removed the FB link when I added my pic. While I have chosen to be fairly nonanonymous, I decided there are enough shitty people commenting throughout FtB and do not want them infesting my FB page.

  41. Crudely Wrott says

    Tony, re: Ur Short Tale —

    Since I have been in North Carolina (roughly two years) I have become accustomed to being addressed as “Mr. Firstname.”

    It seems to be an acknowledgement of seniority inasmuch as those who address me so are younger than I.

    Actually, I find it quite nice. (inner voice says: “it’s about damned time I got a little respect!” then I crack up.)

  42. Jackie: The COLOSSAL TOWERING VAGINA! says

    I’m going to drop a big pile of virtual kitten cuddles here for you all because you are awesome.

    PS. The kittens have nearly chewed through my mouse cord. I bet you never have to tolerate that sort of behavior from a cephalopod.

  43. Tony! The Immorally Inferior Queer Shoop! says

    Nope. Them, you have to worry about getting tangled in the cord :)

  44. blf says

    The kittens have nearly chewed through my mouse cord. I bet you never have to tolerate that sort of behavior from a cephalopod.

    Yeah, the baby kraken just bite the mouse in half. When they is all growed up, then they bite you in half.

  45. Crudely Wrott says

    From Le Guin’s website:

    Le Guin explains in her introduction that, for a while, the book “kept lying around in one place or another in my study.” But gradually, the collection exerted an effect on her, as sometimes happens: “It’s not rational, not easy to explain [this effect some books have]. They don’t glow or vibrate…They just are in view, they’re there… And even if I have no idea what it is or what it’s about, I have to read it.”


    I have recently finished SHIT! A FULL BEER!! SPILLED ON DESK!!! (Providentially missing keyboard.) reading Joseph Campbell’s “Myths To Live By” and am now enjoying Lewis Wolpert’s “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast”. There is an interesting overlap in terms of how some things come to be believed. I like the suggestion that I may assume as fact things that aren’t when there is an explanation of how such a thing is possible. Hmph. Learn something new damn near every day. Hmph.

  46. blf says

    They wont if Harry Hamlin gets them first…

    Sometimes you get lucky against a newly-hatched Kraken — and then only with the help of a bunch of sky faeries (ducks as lighting bolt zips overhead…).

  47. Crudely Wrott says

    . . . and it took THREE paper towels, BLUE paper towels to sop it up . . .

    *mourns beer that is undrunken**

    *yes, that’s a word, sez I

  48. blf says


    I hope you lapped it up before you finished typing the comment. I mean, priorities and all that.

  49. blf says

    to sop it up

    Ah. Didn’t lap it up. If you have a problem with going “slurp slurp slurp” with your tongue on the desk, floor, mouse, etc., then perhaps you should keep a straw handy for the next time.

    Or just pipe the beer to your desk.

    Or relocate your desk so you’re sitting under the beertap. (Or, in the mildly deranged penguin’s case, the beer volcano.)

  50. Crudely Wrott says

    I hope you lapped it up before you finished typing the comment. I mean, priorities and all that.

    Unfortunately, no, Blf. But all is not lost, for there is a small rhyme:

    No time for lapping!
    Why, working on mapping
    The spill and the mischief it brought,
    Took the time best spent napping
    Made it time wasted scrapping
    The beer that was tasted but naught.

    *struggling with that one, am I*

  51. Crudely Wrott says

    Twenty Four Ouncer it was.

    On the bright side there was more left in the can than if I’d tipped over one of those smaller beers.

    Of such small victories life is made.

    G’night. Tomorrow might be a big day.

  52. Crudely Wrott says

    bhaa . . . By such small victories and so on and so forth . . .

    sleep is immanent . . . and welcomed , , , that is all.

  53. Tony! The Immorally Inferior Queer Shoop! says

    Empty in here now.
    Ah well.

    Sometimes I have this brief dream.
    A dream of contentment…of peace…of joy.
    This joy is found in something commonplace…mundane: my breakfast.
    My breakfast, which I awaken to in a king size bed with white sheets billowing in the breeze.
    The breeze as felt in mid morning hour at a tropical resort that I and another enjoy a vacation.
    The other one with me is my boyfriend, my lover, my husband, my partner, my spouse.
    My spouse has woken me up to a delicious breakfast spread.
    The spread is the only thing there, however, bc my lover is on the terrace, enjoying a drink watching my surprise as I awaken.

    As I said, this is a dream, not reality.
    Reality is me…here…alone and lonely…fighting back the tears of sorrow.
    Reality is me unintentionally torturing myself by looking through photos of friends on Facebook.
    Reality is me seeing pictures of couples, of families, of husbands and wives.
    Reality is me seeing a snapshot of the fun and excitement and joy so many others have.
    Reality is me being happy for them, yet envious.

    Reality is me being so fucking tired of being single.

    Reality is me going to bed now, filled to the brim with tears, fearing that I will never have my dream become a reality, or hear the words “I love you” from my boyfriend, my husband, my lover, my partner, my spouse.

    I know we are never guaranteed anything in life. Knowing that does not change the part of me that wishes to someday be in a loving relationship.

    Good night Lounge.

  54. says

    Good morning

    *serious hugs all around*

    Love and hugs to Crudely Wott Daughter and best wishes for the new crazy life


    I wonder how a kilt would look on me…

    I’m a sucker for kilts. It’s a shame that western men stopped wearing skirts and dresses.

    Any ideas on how to get a kid to eat breakfast?
    Because I hate and despise the bullying and coaxing I’m usuing at the moment, but if I just left #1 alone all she’d eat between 6:30 and 13:00 would be a carrot and she’s not the kind of person who can do that. It means she can’t keep up with schoolwork and she starts to cry over every little thing but she doesn’t recognize that it is because she’s actually hungry…

  55. says

    Can I cry a little?
    Just picked my sewing machine up. Apparently there’s more broken or better said deformed than I thought and it would cost about 400 bucks to fix it. I know, I’m totally crying #privilegedfirstworldproblems because it’s neither my livelyhood nor my health depending on it. Unless we’re talking about my mental health…

  56. carlie says

    My spawn are both staring school tomorrow morning, older one returning to, and younger one starting in, high school. How did that happen? Having two high school age kids is so unlike me, if you know me. : )

    I also have one in, and one very close to. Where did the time go?

    Yay crudely daughter!

    Tony – I feel for you. Are you placebound, or could you pick up and move somewhere else if where you are now really isn’t working out?

    Giliell – ouch. You can get a pretty nice new one for a lot under that, if it would be an upgrade.

  57. Portia says

    Hekuni Cat:
    *noms chocolate gratefully*


    Damn damn double damn about your sewing machine. I’m about to take mine in for repairs, and it was muuuuch cheaper than yours. And hey, don’t discount your mental health. : P

    jesi: Wrott Daughter – Nice to meet you, thanks for dropping in! Come by any time.

    *hugs* all around. I’m debating whether I have a few minutes to go back to sleep after this early morning fire call. Who am I kidding…I won’t go back to sleep. Coffee it is.

  58. opposablethumbs says

    Good morning (it is still just morning here) Horde. Good uni-choosing to thunk – I guess you are probably submitting applications now-ish/soon?
    Yeah, that thing that time does … damn the day and that fat old sun, rushing away when the day is done – my skin ain’t thin and my bones ain’t sore, but every day goes quicker than the day before /song lyric (“My good looks are going straight to hell” by J. Maizlish (Mole))
    Time is sneaky like that. We actually have secondary school coming to its final, final END in a year from now – which I really cannot believe. Applications process for the next stage is scary …. and how the hell did that happen anyway?!

    Salutations to Eldest Daughter Wrott! And sewing machine commiserations to Giliell (can’t sew for toffee myself, but I know what you mean about mental health). Is there any way you can get #1 to always carry a few high-energy snack-type things in her bag … but damn, I suppose from what you say the problem is not so much that she doesn’t feel like eating at a convenient time of day, but mainly that she won’t think to eat them. Argh.

    Have to say, I suspect you’d look good in a kilt Tony! And I hate it that right now you’re unhappy; that there isn’t someone who’s lucky enough to share all your affection, compassion, perception and intelligence. A good person would be bloody lucky to share such things with you, imo. {hugs} Tony, if I may.

    Do you guys know the Sun Ra Arkestra? I hadn’t heard of them until this weekend (but I’m not exactly savvy about music, really), but I’m told they’re quite well known … seems they’re on tour internationally at the moment, and two members of the group came to jam at this place SonSpawn was jamming the other night and he got to play with them. Lucky coincidence being in the same place at the same time!

  59. Portia says

    Tony my friend:

    I’m so sorry you’re feeling particularly down. I don’t have anything trite to say about singledom, I just offer hugs and understanding.

  60. birgerjohansson says

    Ursula K. Le Guin’s books are all translated to Swedish, but I remember her mostly for being one of the few who spoke up in defence of Stanislaw Lem during a “storm in a teacup” event in Science Fiction Writers of America during the seventies.

    — — — — — — — — — — —
    Legal Showdown: 6 Experts Destroy Obama’s Drone Policy
    — — — — — — — —
    That’s the way to do it: ”Swedish banks hit with new set of tougher rules”
    — — — — — — — —
    Feeding the Homeless Appears to Be Illegal in Raleigh, NC

  61. says

    Way behind, too early in the morning, please accept hugs as desired and/or needed and pretend I read All the Posts.

    Giliell, about your eldest and breakfast – I had the same problem with Elder Daughter. I don’t know if your #1 has any dietary restrictions, but we found that oatmeal cookies were something she was willing to eat early in the morning. With a glass of milk, it’s at least better than nothing.

    Also, I understand perfectly about your sewing machine. I was just talking to the teacher of my current online class about how much doing something creative helps with depression, so I get it.

  62. birgerjohansson says

    Why cats are great thinkers:

    “how to get a kid to eat breakfast?”

    You are obviously talking about a litter of human kids. Feline or canine ones know they absolutely have to get to the food ahead of their siblings, and shove the others away, no matter that there is more than enough for everybody.

  63. Beatrice, an amateur cynic looking for a happy thought says

    After reading about Watership Down here many times, I checked it out after noticing it in the library. I liked it.
    This is such a small town (in Slovenia), but it has a much better library than Zagreb. After I spent a couple of days cleaning around the house, I’ve had enough time to laze about and read, so I decided to raid the library (which issued me a card even though I’m foreign, which they don’t do at home).
    I’m reading the The Hitchiker’s Guide to The Galaxy now, and have some Vonnegut waiting if I have enough time before heading back home.

    Heading home will also mean end of vacation time. Bah.

  64. Beatrice, an amateur cynic looking for a happy thought says

    oh fuck it fuck it fuck.
    I just checked my email, and I got an invitation to a psychological testing for a job I applied for at least two months ago.
    Theoretically, I could get there in time if I got up really earyl tomorrow and managed to get the bus/train connections.

    and now there’s a bunch of brats on a couple of computers around me making noise, so I should sign off before I commit murder

  65. says

    Hi beatrice!

    Thank you all for lending your shoulder.
    I think today is one of those days that somebody already used and didn’t treat well.
    My poor doomed machine is stiching along at the moment.* I need to make a small wedding gift for Mr.’s aunt who gets married on Friday and who is my second most favourite member of my in-law family.
    While selecting the fabric I found some sturdy off-white linen-cotton mix which I decided to use. I was wondering where I’d gotten that fabric when it hit me like a hammer: It was the remains of the fabric I’d used for a tablecloth I once made for my mum and I started to cry.

    *It’s not like it’s not working at all. It’s more like when you notice odd sounds in your car, and the gears aren’t shifting as they should, and you take it to the mechanics and they tell you that a repair would cost more than it’s worth, so you go on driving it until it breaks down completely.

  66. Portia says


    I’m reading the The Hitchiker’s Guide to The Galaxy now, and have some Vonnegut waiting if I have enough time before heading back home.

    Oooh, fun :D Enjoy.

    HHGTG is eminently quotable…yet all the quotes currently escape me. Except…Remember your towel!

    Ugh about the short notice. Good luck getting there in time and good luck with the job.


    That tablecloth is an absolute work of art. Oh my goodness. I am agog and in love with it. Your work is gorgeous. Do you have an online shop of any kind?

    Many *hugs* and good luck finishing the project with your poor limping machine.

  67. chigau (違う) says

    Good morning.
    hugs and tea all around
    extra hugs for Tony!

    I have a cat on my lap.

  68. Portia says


    thanks, tea sounds lovely. Maybe iced on a day like today. It’s gonna be hot. But I remind myself I will hate the cold a lot more, so I try not to be too grumpy about it.

  69. Bicarbonate (formerly Elizabeth Hamilton) says

    Oh Tony, I am sad for you. I hope you feel better already after a good night’s sleep.

  70. Bicarbonate (formerly Elizabeth Hamilton) says

    Portia, nice work! I would have hearted it but you have to sign up to do so and I am tired of signing up. It’s nice to see what people do.

  71. Portia says

    Thanks, Bicarbonate! I think my photos on imgur are private anyway, I only use it as image hosting to post pics here so no hearts there necessary (I wasn’t even aware that was a method of approval on that site ^_^) Your kind words here are more than enough. :)

  72. says


    I just came across a lovely poem* — and it occurred to me that many of the Horde might appreciate it. Having recently experienced two deaths in the immediate family**, and reading here of others who are also grieving, I’ve been thinking of the briefness of life and the wonder of living, and of the fact that living is enough. Anyway, here’s a poem that seems to reflect that idea; I hope it brings comfort to those who long for it.


    * Via the Writer’s Alamanc – a poem a day, delivered to my email. Lots of interesting historical and literary items included each day. Free.

    ** – my husband’s father (a sexual harasser who I do NOT call FIL and who I will NOT miss), and my beloved little cat (who I miss terribly–) O chigau, my lap is empty now! but I’m glad yours is not. :-)

    Pics of my lovely Hermione, “helping” me in my home office:

  73. says

    Re: breakfast for those who don’t like breakfast: My daughter was exactly the same. She is not a morning person to begin with, and often the thought of eating before her body was really awake was just revolting to her. (In order to get to school on time, she’d have to be up between 5:30 and 6am.] She discovered that she often managed better with savory food, and having appealing leftovers was really helpful. Soup, mac and cheese, homemade pizza, etc. A baked yam or sweet potato, if one of us got up early enough. Risotto, especially when I made it with vegetables and bits of leftover chicken. Hot unsweetened applesauce on homemade-oatmeal-bread-toast was the go-to one winter. Crackers and cheese, and a sliced apple. For many months, it was grilled cheese; another time, fried egg on toast, with lots of ground pepper. She also did better with breakfast when she could take the food to her room and eat there, with a book in hand. This morning (age 19.5, home for the summer), she had leftover meat and mushroom gravy on bread. The key (for us) was not limiting her choices to “breakfast” foods or sweet things.

    Unfortunately, the school had stupid rules about where and when kids could eat. On those mornings when breakfast was impossible, it would have been REALLY helpful if she could have had an apple, or a peanut butter sandwich, between classes. But no! We did pack snacks for her (peanut butter sandwich good – no refrigeration needed) and sometimes she’d be able to sneak into the bathroom to eat it. [grr]

    Good luck!

  74. Portia says

    A baked yam or sweet potato, if one of us got up early enough.

    I frequently bake a batch of whole sweet potatoes and refridgerate them for later yumminess and easy quick meals.

  75. Beatrice, an amateur cynic looking for a happy thought says

    called the contact person in HR, there should be another testing next week, she’ll call me

    quodlibet reminded me, I could never eat in the morning and have only recently discovered that i’m similar to hir daughter. Sweet stuff is the worst and usually exactly the food parents try tn bribe you with when you won’t eat breakfast.

  76. Portia says

    called the contact person in HR, there should be another testing next week, she’ll call me

    Hooray! :D

  77. Ingdigo Jump says

    threadrupts but I’m stressing out and need to vent

    I wanted to maybe use the work tuition remission to take a class but hemmed and hawed because I’m nervous about it, deadline is coming up, I still can’t figure out how to get classes set up, relying on a call back and most classes for a program I’d want would meet during work hours. And the choices are a BA/BFA one of which requires full time which I don’t think I can do under the benefit and the other option is an MFA which also makes me nervous that I’ll apply for that and waste that money and not be able to take classes. I feel just stupid for trying and thinking I could do anything with my shitty lack of talent.

  78. Hekuni Cat, MQG says

    Tony – *many hugs and lots of chocolate* I wish I could do more.

    Giliell – Your loss may be a first-world problem, but it is still a loss. A good sewing/embroidery machine is like a good friend who is with you through both the good times and the bad. *hugs*

    Crudely Daughter – Good luck to you. *hugs*

    Quodlibet – Hermione was a beautiful cat. You have my condolences on your loss. *many hugs and lots of chocolate*

    An empty lap is a very sad thing indeed, and one I’ve experienced twice. My Chloe currently helps me in much the same way that Hermione helped you. Indeed, I expect her to lend her assistance any minute now. She usually arrives just when I’m about to get started on actual work. :D

  79. says

    *hugs* You deserve every happiness, my friend. I hope that you find someone.

    Ingdigo Jump
    *Hugs* Bureaucracy is not your fault, and inability to deal with it is a sign that it’s badly designed.

    Broken tools suck.

    “Ford, you’re turning into a penguin, stop it.” (The actor in the radio play delivers this line perfectly; I laughed for five minutes the first time I listened).


    Unfortunately, the school had stupid rules about where and when kids could eat.

    One word about the reason for those rules: vermin. I used to be a primary school janitor, and I wished there were more rules about that.

  80. says

    Dalillama, Schmott Guy @608, point well taken about the need to keep the school clean. That had not occurred ot me. But the school could have let kids sit in the cafeteria to eat a snack they had brought from home, I think. Anyway, thanks for broadening my perspective.

  81. says

    Re Breakfast: I didn’t eat breakfast as a kid, and I still don’t as an adult. I drink my breakfast if I know I have to have the calories: smoothie, yogurt (kefir), or even thin cream of wheat/oatmeal. Anything more taxing and I feel worse than if I didn’t eat anything at all. This is still true now that I’m pregnant. So try a liquid brekkie with your kid?

  82. cicely says

    Hi, Eldest Daughter of Crudely (query: your name is jesi?)! *hugs-in-passing* or with a Welcome In! if you plan to drop in from time to time.

    *hugs* for Tony.

    Giliell, I’m sorry about your sewing machine. Mine doesn’t work, either; but then we are not friends, and I feel that it is being non-functional on purpose. Just to annoy me.

    *hugs* also for Beatrice.
    I’m glad that you can take the test later, and hope you get the job.

    Quodlibet, I’m sorry that your lap is empty.

    *hugs* and encouragement for Ingdigo Jump.

  83. says

    Thank you all for your kind words about my little cat. We have another cat (her big brother), and much as I love him, he’s not a lap cat (20 lb.!). He has been grieving, too – fascinating to watch. He hung around her during her final days, afraid of the smell of death, but wanting to be near her. He was confused. We were all together when she died. He just sat near the spot for two days, and has been very subdued ever since (about 2 weeks now).
    Oh well. I needed to get that off my chest. Thanks.
    Now I find myself unreasonably attached to Antoinette, a guinea pig that has been with us for the summer (she belongs to a friend of my daughter). Though my daughter is *supposed* to be taking care of her, it ended up being me while she was away, and I really took to the little furry watm thing. She has become so damned affectionate and talkative, darn her! and I actually had a tear in my eye this morning at the thought that she will go back to the daughter’s friend when school starts next week.

  84. yazikus says

    I’m glad you were able to reschedule!

    This is such a small town (in Slovenia), but it has a much better library than Zagreb

    Has your town any olms?

  85. Portia says

    Dalillama: I’m afraid I don’t get the reference.

    Quodlibet: *hugs*

    Ingdigo: *hugs* I’m sorry it’s so rough.

    Just had an orientation of sorts at the new firm (hooray! excitement!) Looks like they’re going to buy me the newest iPhone and pay the bill…wow. And even better, I might be able to paint my office yellow. :D :D :D

    Thirty seconds in the door and I let a pun slip out, managing partner introduced me to a paralegal as “the new kid on the block” and then he said “But not N’Sync” I said “Well hopefully I’ll be in sync around here soon enough” *cheesy grin*

  86. Portia says

    *facepalm* I knew I’d have that reaction when you told me. I’m terrible with references. To the point where this is possibly my favorite movie moment ever, which is ironic since the reason it’s my favorite movie moment is that I don’t remember movie moments : )

  87. Portia says

    *or book moments, obviously. It’s been two years since I read HHGG, and it goes out my head like *whoosh* Like all books, movies, etc. : p

  88. says

    I recently rewatched the HHGG tv-series, that starred the same Simon Jones as Arthur Dent as in the radio series. Unfortunately tv didn’t do this scene justice, as Ford Prefect looked more like himself in blackface than a penguin.

  89. says

    Good evening
    Back from work, waiting for the microwave to finish making dinner…

    re: kid and breakfast
    Actually I understand not liking breakfast. Unless it’s a big, 1 hour breakfast I don’t care much myself. I first get some calories from the milk in my coffee, then my stomach curls up and the my thyroid kicks in and demands food and I’m generally miserable in the morning.
    But she simply can’t do with no calories until lunch (thin as a stick and generally nasty when not fed propperly). I don’t even care (much) what she has for breakfast here. If she just has a mug of chocolate milke so mote it be. Or a slice of cheese.
    I make her her sandwich the way she wants it to be, pack a healthy snack like carrots and make her a bottle of tea and if I let her be she’ll ignore breakfast at home, nibble the corner of the sandwich, have half a carrot and maybe 20 ml of tea and I get asked whether everything is alright because she breaks into tears whenever somebody calls her name *sigh*
    They have breaks and especially in the first grade the teachers take the time to eat with them in class. But they can’t force-feed her either. The new rule is no sweets if she doesn’t eat her sandwich…
    The little one, OTOH thinks that there is no food as great as left over 8 hours old school sandwich her sister didn’t eat…

    I’m sorry about your cat

    I used to have a shop for small stuff, but at one point I realized that to make it take off I would need to spend quite more time than I have and for the tiny sales I made it was way too much stress on my nerves.
    Apart from that I could never sell anything like the tablecloth. That’s 50+ hours of work and nobody would pay me fair money on that. Something many professional people in the crafting scene complain about is “housewife prices”: very low prices asked by women who more or less have social safety, have health insurance via their husbands and don’t have to calculate a living wage. Which, of course, ruins competion for those who have to calculate those costs into their prices.

    BTW, since we seem to have similar styles: If you click the “Tutorial” section on Urban Threads you’ll also find cool crafting ideas.

    Well, as for the machine, I’m still considering the alternatives. I find the statement “it’s not a good idea to repair it, it would cost you more than it’s still worth” rather credible because those people only have a repair service. If they also had a shop where they’d offer me a discount if I bought a new one instead I’d be suspicious. But since they only make money on repairs they’d be shooting their own foot by not repairing a machine that’s still worth it.
    So I looked into my savings, I talked to Mr., and it probably looks like I’m going to use this one until it breaks down completely and then get a new one *sigh*
    The bright side would be that it would mean an upgrade in hoop size because apparently my hoop size is no longer popular and a downgrade would make no sense since all my designs require a larger hoop*
    *Designs are specially made for a certain size. You can’t just resize them like an image on your photocopy printer and while a design can always be smaller than your hoop it cannot be larger.
    Hoops are like engines in cars: You always want the biggest one you can afford ;)

  90. Portia says

    Makes total sense, Giliell. I never thought about the “housewife prices” thing but it makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve seen links to Urban Threads before but not the tutorials section…I’m going to dive in there :D

  91. Portia says

    I’ve now had more than one self-employed 60 year old man tell me that self-employment is the way to go and it’s the best way to be. I want to scream. My grandfather and my uncle were only able to build their own businesses the way they did because of their talented, devoted, hard-working (free labor) wives. I don’t have a wife, and they don’t realize it’s their male privilege allowing them to lecture to me about how easy peasy self-employment is. I vented to my mom about this and she told me her dear deceased mother (who worked in my grandpa’s real estate office as a receptionist for free for many years) said “Any man can be a success if he has a wife to do the real work.” Ha! I miss her.

  92. says

    Portia, I am self-employed. I do everything myself: yard work, small engine maintenance, small home repairs, housework, shopping, cooking, accounting, marketing,, and of course, the actual work that earns some money.

    Truth: it’s almost impossible. At the very least, it is extremely difficult. Very few people know where I’m coming from, especially the married molly mormons who suggest that I also volunteer my time for various community events/projects.

    For a few years I even added to my plate the care of two dying parents. This may, in part, account for my “fuck you” attitude when people give me business advice. For example, “You should do more marketing.” Fuck you.

  93. Portia says


    That’s really impressive! It’s amazing the time sucking that all the non-profitable work does, isn’t it?

    Thanks for the validation, and for listening (reading) to the venting.

  94. says

    Giliell: I find the minds of grade schoolers a bit of a mystery, but perhaps if you took her to the store and let her pick out her own lunch choices (within reason) she may be more inclined to eat them?

    Portia: I work in a small store, owner and 3 employees. Boss lady only makes it work with the free labor of her husband, who is there 3-4 days a week. Just wanted to share that sometimes roles are reversed and that almost no one does it on their own. I endorse “fuck you” as an appropriate response, although it may be more polite than intended.

  95. Portia says


    I realized after I typed my screed how gendered it is. But I’m not exactly sorry about that since it’s so often the men that get the credit and the wives that are in the shadows doing just as much work. But I’m glad to hear about a reversed example. Well, I mean, I hope her husband gets due credit, but…ok I’m going to stop digging :)

    Thanks for the commiseration. If my uncle gives me any more grief, he will get an earful. What makes it hard for me to say “fuck you” is this is possibly the first time in my life (and he’s been a big presence in it) that I’ve ever been really mad at him. Ah well. Anyway


  96. David Marjanović says

    O hai!

    No hope of catching up – updating CV in hope of applying for next postdoc!

    Yale has given a student a one-day suspension for… severely harassing a classmate and then attempting sexual assault. “There’s an epidemic of rape on college campuses–and schools across the country are under fire for sweeping rape cases under the rug.” Petition to the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights to stop that. (…Of course, I don’t believe for a minute that there’s now an epidemic that used not to exist; it’s the sweeping under the rug that doesn’t work quite as well anymore as it used to.)

    Racism at its finest reported from South Carolina. So much for “it’s over”.


  97. says

    Dorcas Gustine
    I was not beloved of the villagers,
    But all because I spoke my mind,
    And met those who transgressed against me
    With plain remonstrance, hiding nor nurturing
    Nor secret griefs nor grudges.
    That act of the Spartan boy is greatly praised,
    Who hid the wolf under his cloak,
    Letting it devour him, uncomplainingly.
    It is braver, I think, to snatch the wolf forth
    And fight him openly, even in the street,
    Amid the dust and howls of pain.
    The tongue may be an unruly member –
    But silence poisons the soul.
    Berate me who will – I am content.

    (Spoon River Anthology, Edgar Lee Masters, 1915)

  98. blf says

    In case you needed a reason to stop wearing high heeled shoes…

    Surely that’s backwards. Why would any sentient creature deliberately torture themselves with something that sounds and looks completely, and without exception, stupid?

    High-heeled shoes are fecking ridiculous. Idiotic. Branding yourself as a total fool without anything interesting or redeeming points. Wearing them (and smoking cigarettes) are perhaps the must disgusting habits of long pigs.

    I absolutely cannot stand high-heeled shoes. That totally and without exception appall me. They look uncomfortable, the scars I see on heels and toes (not to to mention the times I’ve seen people either take them off or. having taken them off, walk about in stocking/bare feet) tends to confirm they are uncomfortable, they are dangerous to walk in and essentially impossible to run in, and they Just. Look. Stooooooopid.

    What the feck is the point?

  99. Portia says

    Just. Look. Stooooooopid.

    1. I like my heels, thankyooveddymuch.
    2. Women in many professions (*cough* lawyers *cough*) are not considered to be wearing properly professional attire without high heels. I know it wasn’t your intention, but your post apparently targets the victims of patriarchical crap without any recognition of the context in which we wear heels.

  100. yazikus says

    2. Women in many professions (*cough* lawyers *cough*) are not considered to be wearing properly professional attire without high heels.

    I like some heels, but they hurt my feet terribly! I work in a profession that would normally dictate heel wearing for women, but by virtue of geography, standards are somewhat relaxed compared to elsewhere. I’m awfully glad I can wear my dansko clogs with work slacks and get away with it.

  101. Portia says


    Nice that you can wear what you like :)

    I know I don’t make my choices in a vacuum (and this is going to sound more defensive that I’d like, but oh well) but I do actually like wearing high heels sometimes. They do get annoying, but…I feel confident in heels. For one thing, they put me closer to eye level with taller men, and makes me feel less like the little girl playing at grown up stuff.

  102. yazikus says

    (and this is going to sound more defensive that I’d like, but oh well)

    No need to get defensive on my behalf, I’ve been known to sport my strand of pearls with a blouse and cardigan. And I love the look.

    Makeup is another thing- my partner is always like ‘you should just stop wearing makeup, you don’t need it, made from bad shit, reinforcing the patriarchy blablabla’, and I’m like ‘honey, I think if I went to work without makeup, they would probably send me home. No shit. Also, I prefer being able to see my eyelashes, thank you very much.’

  103. yazikus says

    I’m being rude and not addressing you in my responses- sloppy commenting- and I’m sorry!

  104. Portia says

    Yeah, all these subjects we’re touching on are in the category of “Patriarchy invented them and for Bad Purposes but telling women that if they partake that they are Doing It Wrong, is just reinforcing the pattern Telling Women What To Do.”

  105. Portia says


    I’m being sloppy, too. I sometimes don’t put a nym at the top if I think it’s pretty clear who I’m talking to, or making a general comment in an existing conversation.

    Oh, and on defensiveness, I added that because I didn’t want you to think I thought you thought I should or shouldn’t be doing some thing. :) Whew that was an exhausting sentence.

  106. Ogvorbis: Purveyor of Mediocre Humours! says

    In case you needed a reason to stop wearing high heeled shoes…

    Surely that’s backwards. Why would any sentient creature deliberately torture themselves with something that sounds and looks completely, and without exception, stupid?

    I have two pairs of high heeled shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. One pair of Durango rough out cowboy boots and one pair of Chippewa wildland fire boots. Both have ~1.75 inch heels. And for walking long distances or going up and down hills, they are great. And they take stress off of my MCL (which has enough problems all on its own),

    As to looking silly or stupid, I can manage that in sandals, sneakers, dock shoes, or my high heels. Or wearing nothing.

    So there!

  107. says


    What the feck is the point?

    They impart a curvature to the calf and a roll to the hips which are signifiers for grace, and by extension health, beauty, and confidence (These signifiers exist because extensive practice of dance, martial arts and the like induce a similar rolling gait and significant tone to the leg muscles, although not to the exaggerated extent created by very high heels). The fact that the garment that creates these signifiers also impairs the wearer’s actual mobility is, from a patriarchal rape-culture perspective, a side benefit.

  108. says

    One pair of Durango rough out cowboy boots and one pair of Chippewa wildland fire boots. Both have ~1.75 inch heels. And for walking long distances or going up and down hills, they are great.

    I am amazed to hear it. Usually cowboy boots are utter hell to walk any distance in. In that case, the purpose of the heels is to better grip a stirrup. I would also note that a)in the case of hiking boots, the sole is often thick enough to discount a significant part of the height of the heel, and 2)that by women’s shoe standards, those are actually ‘low heels,’ being under 2.5″.

  109. Ogvorbis: Purveyor of Mediocre Humours! says


    I also have really weird feet — an incredibly high arch and instep so my results are as odd as I am.

  110. Tony! The Immorally Inferior Queer Shoop! says

    Just read Avicenna’s post.
    Richard Sanderson is a Grade A fuckface.
    Good goddamn, Pitchguest makes me want to puke!

  111. Portia says

    When do you start your new job? Any change in dress code there?

    What’s funny about this question is that I am currently the one who sets the dress code in a strict sense. Except in a culture where women have to be ornamental, I don’t have a lot of leeway. So the short answer is no, not much change. I might be a little more formal more often, actually. But, with my new salary, I should be able to afford a pair of nice-looking flats, as my old pair is worn to the bone.

    I forgot about cowboy boots! I have a pair that I agree, are comfortable for walking. My fire boots don’t have a heel, but they do have a thick sole :)

    Interesting explanation of exactly why heels are graceful-looking. Thanks for the food for thought.

  112. Ogvorbis: Purveyor of Mediocre Humours! says

    My fire boots don’t have a heel, but they do have a thick sole :)

    Well, you nutty people who run into burning buildings have different boots. My wild fire boots are basically logging boots without the steel shank and toe. Sort of an over-the-calf hiking boot with a hard sole with moderate heels.

  113. Portia says


    your fire boots sound comfier than my fire boots. But then, Mine are fairly new and not too broken in.

  114. Ogvorbis: Purveyor of Mediocre Humours! says


    Then again, I will spend 17 hours a day for 14 days wearing them so they better be comfortable.

  115. Portia says


    no kidding, they better be like kittens on clouds. My longest stretch is about…8 hours I think?

  116. Esteleth, statistically significant to p ≤ 0.001 says

    Dear Horde,

    Firstly, I am very pleased to tell you that the donations I have already received for Onion Girl total a whopping $951.99. She’s already refilled the medicine she was out of and scheduled some things she’d been putting off for lack of funds.


    Horde, we rock.

    In other news, for no reason that I can determine, I have ketchup in my hair.

  117. Ogvorbis: Purveyor of Mediocre Humours! says

    In other news, for no reason that I can determine, I have ketchup in my hair.

    But there is a reason. It keeps the peas from falling out.

  118. chigau (違う) says

    It’s the end of a longish day.
    I have poured myself a mug of rum.
    I go now to read the white thread and the guy thread.

  119. A. Noyd says

    So, I spent most of today writing a letter in Chinese via the very cumbersome method of composing it in English with a heavy reliance on possessives and “X is Y” statements, translating it via Google Translate, picking it apart into components, retranslating the components via a Chinese-English dictionary to make sure they were the right words, searching better matches for ones that were wrong, Google searching portions of the resulting phrases to see if they were natural enough to get over 100k hits or more, putting the entire result through Google Translate the other way to check it, and then crossing my fingers that it’s not complete gibberish to a native speaker. But as time-consuming as that was, at least it didn’t require finding and then waiting for someone else to translate it. (I did make sure to say in the letter that I used Google Translate.)

    I delivered all three versions of the letter (English, and Chinese in both simplified and traditional characters) to the smoking neighbor along with the bit of Chinese language info on e-cigs, an English pamphlet for one brand of e-cigs, a business card for a tobacco shop nearby that will give her 10% off an e-cig starter kit, and the info sheet for the referral/counseling service. And then ran away like a chickenshit so she could peruse it all in peace.

    The building manager was on his way out as I got back from printing the stuff out, and I told him what I was up to. He seemed pleased. He said he’d thinks something’s wrong with the neighbor, like, mental health-wise, and he’s been considering getting the management company involved due to how much she yells at her kids. So I’m not the only one concerned she’s having difficulties. I hope my letter and the info can help her before it comes to anything drastic, though.

  120. carlie says

    Esteleth – can we still send later? I was planning on sending something but don’t get paid until the end of the week. Not much, but I wanted to contribute.

  121. chigau (違う) says

    Jingle cones were a major trade-item on the Plains.
    (archaeologists have been known to swoon when they dig one up)
    I saw a dancer’s dress not long ago whereon the cones were made of rolled canning-jar lids.
    Thing weighed a ton but the sound was deep and mellow.

  122. Esteleth, statistically significant to p ≤ 0.001 says

    Don’t see why not, Carlie.

    I’m sure OG could use a rainy-day fund. :)

  123. cicely says

    She’s already refilled the medicine she was out of and scheduled some things she’d been putting off for lack of funds.


  124. Esteleth, statistically significant to p ≤ 0.001 says

    And now I have done my least favorite bit of grooming that I nonetheless flatly refuse to stop doing.

    FFS, why do I get hairs on my tits?! >:(

  125. says


    I saw a dancer’s dress not long ago whereon the cones were made of rolled canning-jar lids.

    Here, they are traditionally made out of chewing tobacco tin tops, pretty light, beautiful sound.

  126. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    In other news, for no reason that I can determine, I have ketchup in my hair.

    Sounds like the Redhead….

  127. Esteleth, statistically significant to p ≤ 0.001 says

    Sounds like the Redhead….

    And yet, I am blonde.

  128. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    In other news, for no reason that I can determine, I have ketchup in my hair.

    But the in-laws are visiting, and everything is not where it should be…

  129. chigau (違う) says

    You are now of an age.
    Expect hair … everywhere.
    and your ears are getting bigger
    (I read it on the internets so y’know…)

  130. cicely says

    Sounds like the Redhead….

    And yet, I am blonde.

    Not if you keep putting ketchup in your hair!

  131. chigau (違う) says

    Thanks to my mother’s genes, I have about 20 armpit hairs and my leg-hair is so blond and fine that all that feminine shaving was always a big waste of time. I gave it up long ago.
    My current hair issues are my 5-hair moustache and the one growing out my left areola.
    and my earlobes

  132. Nutmeg says

    …that moment when Netflix finally figures out that you’re gay, and the recommendation program gets all excited about it…

  133. Tony! The Immorally Inferior Queer Shoop! says

    You’ve counted your armpit hairs?

    So very happy to hear that funds have been raised for Oniongirl!

  134. says

    Creepy: received in today’s mail a monthly “news” brochure from a local (but not one of the nearest two) hospital that I’ve never been to (i.e. no “ongoing” relationship) named “Destinations”. Ah, really, I want to make a hospital my destination? creepy
    Posted my contribution to OnionGirl this evening. Expect in in snail-mail time.

  135. says


    Thanks to my mother’s genes, I have about 20 armpit hairs and my leg-hair is so blond and fine that all that feminine shaving was always a big waste of time. I gave it up long ago.

    Yeah, I’ve never shaved my knees or above, and I only grow a smattering of hair on the front of my lower legs, shave that about every 8 months or so. I don’t have hair under my arms.

  136. Jeff Powell says

    Hi All… I’m new(ish) here – mostly lurking – so please be kind. But I would like some help.

    I’ve been presented with a statement that says “Over 150,000 Christians were martyred last year. This has been going on since the first century, and the numbers are actually on the rise.”

    I did a quick google search looking for the source of that, or some sort of rebuttal, but found neither. I found lots of xian sites making that claim – or stronger versions thereof – and I found one pseudo-rebuttal that just accepted the numbers and made other points.

    I want to know if the actual numbers are true, or if this is made up hogwash.

    Has anyone researched that, or does anyone have any pointers that might help with that?

    Thanks in advance.

  137. Jeff Powell says

    Hi chigau.

    Links are the problem. If I had them, I wouldn’t have had to ask for help here. :)

    The claim – as presented to me – came from a personal email. Completely without justification, history, citations. Nothing.

    Googling for “150,000 christians martyred” will get you a boatload of results, but nothing that I saw that has any good sources or rebuttals. And it’s exactly those things I would like to find, to send back to my “friend” as part of fending off an aggressive conversion attempt on her part. *sigh*

  138. chigau (違う) says

    Jeff Powell
    My timezone is sending me to bed.
    You could ask your source for their source.
    If they cannot produce … something, don’t bother.

  139. Moggie says


    In other news, for no reason that I can determine, I have ketchup in my hair.

    Cellophane flowers of yellow and green
    Towering over your head
    Look for the girl with ketchup in her hair
    And she’s gone

  140. Beatrice, an amateur cynic looking for a happy thought says

    Ingdigo Jump,
    I know you’re not stupid and I’m fairly sure you don’t lack talent. It’s depression talking. *moar hugs*
    I missed that Quodlibet lost Hermione the cat. I’m sorry for your loss!
    Heh, I had to google that word. They’re called “človeška ribica” here, which would translate to “human fish” so I would never expect the English name to be anything like olm.
    I don’t think there are any known spots or at least I haven’t heard of them, but there might be some olms here (I do like the name!) since I’m near Soča river.
    re: high heels
    Portia, yazikus, everyone else who joined later but it would probably take as much time to type as typing this explanation for not typing your names
    I tried on a beautiful pair of high heels yesterday. Didn’t buy them because I find high heels very uncomfortable and, since I don’t have to wear them for work, I don’t want to torture myself for 8+ hours unnecessarily.
    But they were beautiful and fit like they were made for my feet. Except for the small bit where my feet would be held at an unnatural angle and probably hurt like hell in half an hour.

    I barely ever wear high heels, but I find them pretty sometimes. So there. /”bad” feminist

    (plus, of course, all sensible explanation about patriarchy that everyone already gave)

  141. carlie says

    Jeff – if you just want the emails to stop, and you’re a good actor, you could try taking them seriously.

    Because, if it were true, it would be a huge human outrage, right? Bombard them with concerned emails and/or phone calls: “WHAT? Are you SERIOUS! This is an OUTRAGE! How can this BE? We have to do something immediately! Let’s get together and write letters to all the congresspeople and all of the UN representatives and protest on the streets! Quick, get me all of the information about where this is happening so we can set up boycotts of those countries! What do you mean you don’t know?! You do think this is a big deal, right? Or you wouldn’t have passed it on? What do you mean I’m overreacting? People are DYING FOR CHRISTIANITY, you said so yourself! Come on, slacker! Don’t you care about all those Christians dying?”

    Etc. and so forth until the person quietly decides to never forward you things like that again.

  142. says

    Ugh I hate protesting stupid work policies.

    My supervisor won’t let me take vacation leave until I’m over 40 hours total leave. I feel like I’m a few hours away from a full-blown fever right now, but I’m here at work because I don’t want to use any more of my leave for a while.

    It sucks and I’m also pretty sure that she’s not allowed to deny my vacation leave for having low leave total, but all I can do is sit here and kind of be miserable.