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Whatcha doin’, readers? There’s stuff on FtB, like always.

  • Miri is writing about beauty.

  • Avicenna makes an interesting observation about American news coverage of terrorist violence: if it’s foreign, it’s bloodless, if it’s domestic, we stare at the victims.

  • Taslima is advertising sex tourism for married men.

  • Kate questions the dogma about MPD.

  • Mano notes that churches are two-faced about keeping government from meddling in religion. Privileges OK, responsibility…not so much.

  • Brianne is gazing upon children and getting all judgmental.

  • Sikivu will be at the LA Times Festival of Books.

  • Maryam defends outspoken freethinkers.

  • Ian is highly qualified to discuss pride.

  • Karen is finding fault.

  • Greta has written a book.

  • Comrade, I am hungry. Feed me!

  • Stephen is advising the Commies.

  • Ed has gone to Louisiana and eaten all the food!

  • The Digital Cuttlefish flings rhymes at the blamers.


  1. saukko says

    @1. Miri
    Only if your blogs have the same mass but have opposite charge and quantum spin. :D

  2. says

    Everyone liked that post. At least it was really easy to write.

    So tomorrow, my ode to the cervix.

    Thursday, a poem about fallopian tubes. Somehow, in my head, I always equate them with calliopes and cyclops, so I’m sure I can wedge cyclopean and calliopean in there somewhere.

    Friday ovaries.

    Saturday, appropriately enough, we’ll party down with clitorides.

    Sunday, nothin’ but labia.