Lost in Boston Fog

We don’t have the answers—
Too early to tell;
There are so many rumors
And myths to dispel
But now, the confusion
Lets anyone yell
And point at the groups that they choose!

Let’s blame it on this group
Or blame it on them
Or name any others
We’d like to condemn
A flood of suspicions
There’s no time to stem…
We’re scared, and there’s no time to lose!

While some have been cautious—
Not wanting to guess—
Still others had issues
They had to address
And took full advantage
Of carnage and mess
To promote their political view

They jumped on their soapbox
While other folks bled,
Ensuring the media
Heard what they said
Some few may be helpful,
But some are misled
I don’t have the answers… do you?

It’s just maddening. I won’t point to examples; some will likely be deleted (may be saved in odd places here or there), or not, I have no idea. The New York Post, alone, claims a dozen dead, where everyone else says two. A suspect is, or is not, in custody. It is a Saudi man, or it is a tax protest, or it is related to Newtown, or… or this or that or too many possibilities. (BTW, the second verse originally named names–but I thought that might be more heat than light, so I got rid of it.)

This is the first year I can recall where I do *not* know that I have students running the marathon. Yes, I do know people who are running–Cuttleson’s best friend is safe and sound, but was not allowed to finish (it was a good day to be slow).

I’m watching Boston’s news coverage–they really are doing a remarkable job of not jumping to conclusions (the internets, however, cannot be said to be exercising the same restraint).

One, or maybe two or a handful, of people did this. Dozens, or scores, or more, ran to help when they witnessed the explosions. Hundreds, or more, donated blood in the days before (and, I have heard, on this day–the word is that marathon runners crossed the finish line and kept running to Mass General Hospital to donate blood–I don’t know if that is true, but damn I hope it is), such that the Red Cross is, surprisingly, not asking for increased donations. Thousands, or tens or hundreds of thousands, have watched and asked “what can I do?”, ready, willing, and able to donate blood, money, and time.

Bottom line is… This was a horrible day for some… and a day that allowed the vast majority to demonstrate just how uncharacteristic this horrible action was.

We are better than this. Yes, we (humans) are also this, but on the whole even this terrible day is better evidence of goodness than of badness.

Yes, the Red Cross says to wait… but don’t wait too long. Give blood, and give regularly. Tell them Cuttlefish sent you. (they may make you sit for a bit longer, waiting for the blood to go back to your brain. Take advantage of this time to eat another sandwich and some cookies.)

See also Ashley Miller’s post.


  1. Randomfactor says

    And if Boston doesn’t need blood, I assure you your local blood bank DOES. (I can’t donate again for another month and a half…)

    And for your theistic friends…did you know that prayers count DOUBLE when they’re delivered from a couch at the local blood blank? True fact.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Thank you, RF and Ulysses…

    I have no doubt there will be more dead. I sincerely hope I am wrong; you can’t ask for a better location than Boston, for great medical care.

    I have heard that the medical tents were (prior to the blasts) relatively unused, as it was a great day for a marathon, and there were not that many marathon-related injuries; as a result, there were a good number of nurses and doctors available right at the finish line (is it a good thing the explosions were not a couple of miles earlier?) , ready willing and able to care for the injured.

    Again, the good people here overwhelmingly outnumbered the bad… but damn.

  3. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Well writ Cuttlefish.

    Horrendous atrocity. Appalling carnage to human lives.

    Too little known clearly yet.

    My sympathies to everyone directly affected, to all of Boston really. Tragic, needless, awful event.

    What kind of sick scumbag would do something like this and think it could possibly be justified in any way whatsoever? They will, I’m sure be caught. Which cannot undo the permanent damage to so many human lives that has just been done.

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