1. catwhisperer says

    Happy Birthday!

    I’ve umm… volunteered my horse for an acupuncture demo in your honour. I’m determined to not imagine any benefits of the treatment and my honest opinion on the benefits (or lack thereof)

    Does that count as a present?

  2. ChasCPeterson says

    That poor animal. Is that its radula protruding from its siphon? That’s gotta hurt.

  3. kieran says

    How many “f”‘s in present…that’s right there’s no f’in present. Happy birthday

  4. Nick Gotts (formerly KG) says

    Many happy returns! Despite your own prediction of your limited lifespan, I hope still to be commenting on your blog when we’re both nonagenarians. Assuming there’s still such a thing as a “blog” of course.

  5. janiceintoronto says

    Your presents have been hidden by the Birthday Octopus. She loves to watch people look high and low for their gifts. Check under your pillow for starters…

  6. jaytheostrich says

    Look at this way, PZ, we’re one year closer to the invention of immortality technology!
    In the meantime, happy birthday!

  7. chigau (just call me chigau) says

    Happy Bithday, PZ.
    I didn’t get you anything but good wishes.

  8. =8)-DX says

    What? I’ve been reading this for years and I’ve only just realised you share a birthday with me? 9th March? Well Happy birthday us! (With a party hat).

  9. says

    Here ya go, PZ. I’m sending you a look at a photo my brother took just a couple of weeks ago in Zion National Park.

    “Birthday Card” link.

    This is proof that even though mormons named Zion in honor of their whacko religion, and then proceeded to name every high point, stream etc. after characters and places in their mythology, the scenery doesn’t care. Geology doesn’t care. Seasons don’t care. They fucking refuse to be downgraded by association with a cult.

    The rocks stand with you, PZ.

  10. lamaria says

    So cute! Can´t help but squeal adoringly. Would sigh a “happy birthday, Mister PeeZee” but my microphone is broken.

  11. jackiepaper says

    Yesterday was my birthday! However, I have decided to extend the revelry all weekend. W00t! W00t!

    Happy birthday, PZ!

  12. ChasCPeterson says

    I can even get you a pic of a woman to go with the sea stars

    you haven’t been paying much attention, have you?

    (plus, I’m pretty sure that PZ could figure out how to find pictures of pretty ladies on the internet hisself if he wanted to.)

  13. opposablethumbs says

    Happy Birthday, PZ! It’s my birthday today too, and I’m very happy to share it with you. Also I just ate a seafood birthday treat, which is as close as I’m going to get to anything tentacular today (unless I manage to involve some seafood in supper tonight as well :-D ).

    Here’s wishing you a thoroughly tentacular and most squidly day!

  14. erikthebassist says

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you share common morphological traits with a monkey, and share an ancestor with one too….

  15. badandfierce says

    It’s also Rio the river otter’s birthday! Leaving aside the disappointing fact that she doesn’t have tentacles even though she lives in an aquarium (there’s an octopus around the corner, though), she’s still healthy at an age that her wild compatriots aren’t known to ever reach, is living a happy, healthy life under the care of a dozen trainers and specialists, and is expanding our knowledge of her species and ecosystem every day. While she adorably cavorts with dog toys stuffed with fish heads.

  16. cag says

    Happy Birthday, PZ. I’m sending you the useful parts of the bible. It is the least I can do.

  17. birgerjohansson says

    If you are not happy about your gifts, Rat from the comic strip “Pearls Before Swine” has many suggestions for what to do. He keeps trying to publish those suggestions in the form of children’s tales, but due to the extreme violence he has had no luck so far.

  18. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin just searched her pockets, and found (besides the usual assortment of dust bunnies, broken pens, spare hand grenades, several copies of The Grauniad from the last several decades, a broken watch, what looks like the remains of a sushi meal she mislaid several years ago, half a drumkit, several Margaritas, and other odds and sods) the rind from some, sadly now unidentifiable, cheese. She’s managed to scrap most of mold off (those hand grenades came in handy) — except for the bit which kept fighting back — and asks it that’s Ok?

    She’ll post it as soon as see can find a sturdy-enough steel barrel it can’t chew its way out of…