1. catwhisperer says

    Goddammit, I was about to go to bed, now I’ll have nightmares!

    I thought the moulting one looked like those “alien” facehugger things.

  2. says

    That brings back memories of the time I touched a spider with a stick, and like a 1000 baby spiders scurried off. [shudder]

  3. Olav says

    Fascinating little animal, can’t exactly call it “cute” though.

    I am not phobic of arthropods, but still my initial instinctive reaction with these would be to keep a little distance.

    Jumping spiders I do find cute and funny. Perhaps because of the cartoonish big eyes in proportion to their bodies. Also because the ones I usually encounter are so tiny overall as to be completely non-threatening.

  4. says

    Those things are so cool. I’ve always wanted to see one in real life, but I don’t think I’ve ever lived anywhere within their natural range. Can you imagine just walking outside and flipping over a rock or something and suddenly there’s a tailless whipscorpion just hanging out? That would be simultaneously amazing and terrifying.
    When I was little my mom was a biologist (she later switched to teaching). She studied spiders, so I have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for arachnids.

  5. lurkeressa says

    Awww… arachnid babies. So much more agreeable than human ones, at least when it comes to noise.

  6. Yuriel says

    D: I took a look at the site and all I can say is: holy crap, it’s the animal on which Prof. Moody demonstrated the Unforgivable curses at Hogwarts. Those freaking things are real?!