1. Josh, Official SpokesGay says

    That’s one of those images that strikingly reminds you of our close kinship. It’s just so human, that face.

  2. cardinalsmurf says

    Gene Wilder, sure I can see that. However, my first impression, especially from the eyes, was of Brad Garrett, the fella who plays brother Robert Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond.

  3. Sili says

    Draken has now made me redundant.

    I shall henceforth cease posting on Pharyngula.

    (I can see Wilder with a touch of Feldman. You work out the logistics.)

  4. satanaugustine says

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: that monkey looks like a butt.

    You are talking about a non-human butt, right?

  5. pipenta says

    That is a hell of a photograph. It may be the most beautiful portrait I have seen all year.

    Damn, I wish I took that shot!