1. julietdefarge says

    “Another peculiarity of this family is that there is an elongated anal cone or sac which is commonly inflated like a small balloon in the centre of the upper side. This may gently roll around its attachment and is believed to have a respiratory function”.
    “As in Diadema antillarum, the anal cone enables the animal to eject feces away from the body.”

    Breathing through the ass?? Maybe we can add self-defense to this organ’s functions, if a predator going after the protruding bulb gets a squirt of poo.

  2. RFW says

    You guys are all incredible wusses. Rise to the occasion, be real men (or, as the case may be, real women), and flaunt it!


    I was thinking of getting my hair done and then I felt intimidated.

    Wuss! I’ve gotten after you about your do, and here you are playing hard to get again. Go get it done. Annoy stranges, amuse friends, astonish enemies, and (best of all, perhaps) intimidate your students. What could be more fun?

    @ #3 julietdefarge says:

    Breathing through the ass??

    Wuss! Among Hindu yogis, the ability to inhale and exhale per anum is a well-known accomplishment. They can do water, too, leading to a profound state of interior daintiness.

    @ #5 Glen Davidson says:

    I was thinking of getting my anus done, but now I feel intimidated

    Wuss! You’re just afraid of how much the tattooist is going to charge for “special work”.