1. Dick the Damned says

    Jumpin Jeezus, i sure hope that bit of vegetation was worth the effort & risk.

  2. The very model of a modern armchair general says

    Imagine being that goat, trying to turn around to walk back the other way. Makes me feel dizzy.

  3. McC2lhu iz not nu. says

    Anti-gravity hooves…check

    Utter and complete lack of sense of vertigo…check

    Inability to imagine disaster…check

  4. Sili (I have no penis and I must jizz) says

    I know they’re sure-footed and all, but I don’t think he can make that jump.

    Of course not. It’s not a cow.

  5. StevoR says


    Goats can be be .. remarakably impressive climbers especially given their biological, um, equipment or seeming lack thereof.

    Recalls an Attenborough doc – think it was called Planet Earth* but may be wrong – where these strange goat-y-sheep-y animals (Barbary sheep? / Ethiopian mountain goats? Or something?) where running up cliffs where they lived or atleats sheltered at nightsand another doco where goats where climbing trees (I kid you not!) to get at this particular tasty berry thing they loved.

    * With intro music ironically being Holst’s Jupiter!

  6. StevoR says

    Typo correction :

    ..where these strange goat-y-sheep-y animals were running up cliffs where they lived or at least sheltered at nights ..


  7. Anri says

    Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Nice view

    Well, I prefer Twilight Sparkle, but whatever floats your boat, PZ.

    . . .

    . . .

    …oh, you meant the landscape.
    Um, erhm, yes, very nice, very nice indeed.

  8. jonathanray says

    It’s walking on a path, not climbing. And a lot of humans suck at climbing because they’re incredibly weak compared to other primates. Mountain goats aren’t very good either. They can handle 50-60 degrees max except in special cases like this excessive footholds which most humans could also handle if they didn’t freak out about the height.

  9. says

    It reminds me of a nasty situation I got myself into at Toronto’s Brick Works, where I had to let myself fall, hoping that a small tree some distance below me would be strong enough to hold me. It was, otherwise I wouldn’t be whining about it. Having long and nasty thorns, it did shred my jacket and some of my own leather as well, though. It was not a good day, but it certainly taught me not to into the mountains, trying to imitate goats…