When he reaches my age, will he have been blogging for 48 years?

Congratulations to Life Before the Dinosaurs for reaching the one year mark. He’s aged before my eyes — now he’s 8.

He has good taste, too. He lists his favorite fossils, and puts Anomalocaris in first place.


  1. julian says

    Dammit. I just gotten that deep sea horror out of my head.

    Guess, I’ll be getting eaten in my sleep. Again.

    Anyway, that’s really awesome. It’d be cool if more parents encouraged that type of behavior. They’d be helping their children learn while encouraging them to develop better writing and communication skills.

    Plus it looks like a sweet hobby.

  2. d(thunk) over d(MQ) = SQRRAWK! says

    Yes, the guy’s awesome. If I had, through some weird version of events, took up blogging and pharyngulating when I was eight, I predict my life would be going much better right now.

  3. Amphiox says

    Relax, julian, the very biggest of them top out at just over a meter or so. And the average ones quite a bit smaller, not much bigger than your typical house cat.

  4. Rip Steakface says

    He reminds me a lot of me, though at 8 years old I was less into paleontology and more into astronomy.

  5. David Marjanović says


    His drawings are good. And the mistakes the text contains are outright adult.

  6. julietdefarge says

    Somebody find out how big a Scyphocrinites is, STAT! He deserves to know.

  7. Amphiox says

    8 years old and already smarter than most republicans.

    What do you mean “most”?