Truth in advertising

I was sent this uncredited photo with only the information that it was for some religious event…but I wonder if this was intentional sabotage of the message or just an accident?


  1. nobody says

    If they were clever, they’d have ordered it “Friends,” “Teaching” and “Worship.” Alas, they are oh so dumb.

  2. philipqua says

    This reminds me of the time in Canada when the Rightwing party wanted to call themselves The Conservative Reform Alliance Party, aka CRAP. And no, I am not making it up. They came up with the name at their convention and announced it to the media and only afterwards did they realize what the abbreviation spelled.

  3. nobody says

    Okay, so it is sort of clever after all. I mean in a lame christian-kids-trying-to-be-cool sort of way.

  4. Louis says

    I have one word, that word is LAWL!

    Intentional or not, message bork.


    P.S. Reminds me of when polys in the UK were being converted to unis, and Newcastle poly was set to become the Central University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Until they printed the letter paper and discovered what I believe Rick Santorum would refer to as a “acronym problem”. Sadly I think this story is apocryphal. But it should be true, and really, isn’t that good enough? ;-)

  5. philipqua says

    Sorry chigau, I was doing it off of memory, CCRA Party is correct, but in the end it was still CRAP ;)

  6. What a Maroon, Applied Linguist of Slight Foreboding says

    Richard Nixon actually named his reelection committee the Committee for the Re-election of the President.

  7. says

    So a little back story to this:

    About a year or two; these signs started showing up on my campus; everywhere. Pamphlets, flyers… You name it. This was taken at the University of New Mexico’s Student Union Building (SUB). I took a bunch of these photos when I first saw it. Then the novelty wore off and it just pissed me of dealing with these motherfuckers day in and day out. (They had a looooot of money- this was from a local megachurch.)

  8. chigau (違う) says

    I want someone, a reporter, a citizen, anyone, to ask Harper if he believes that Jesus Christ is going to Return in Harper’s lifetime.
    and post the answer to youtube

  9. stefincognito says

    Interestingly enough, this was completely intentional. This banner was from the largest religious group at UNM (the University of New Mexico) and was placed on our student union building.

    I worked at the crisis center based at UNM with one of the head people in that student group, and he said that they were attempting to “reclaim the acronym” to make it a positive expression rather than implying something profane. UNM is a very liberal campus, and when it comes to the religious crap on campus, most everyone does in fact think “WTF.”

  10. nunovyabiznez says

    What’s really hilarious is that this is a “progressive” (read: “liberal”) church, not a “fundy” church. Just goes to prove that liberals have some of the stupidest ideas around.