Jack Chick & climate change

I mentioned Jack Chick in that last article, so I actually looked in on his site. He’s got a new tract! It’s on Global Warming! He doesn’t believe in it. Why? Because it snows sometime, and climate scientists include women and they all believe in pagan gods. Really! Would I lie to you?

You don’t have to worry about climate change, because Jesus is going to set you on fire and slaughter you with plagues. So there’s no problem.



  1. janine says

    Global warming experts pray Ixchel and Gaia for guidence.

    I am not a global warming expert! Who do I pray to for guidance?

    Funny, I imagine that the manly writers that PZ linked to earlier today would think that the drawings of the women scientist in this tract are accurate representations of feminists.

    You need to learn how to show some appreciation. When I tell you that I like the way you smile, that it turns me on, you should say, ‘Oh my god! That’s soooooo sweet of you!!!! Thank you!!!!.’ See, just like that. That’s the right way to do it.

  2. says

    Um, why are Ixchel and Gaia letting such a problem occur? Piss-poor goddesses to worship. Of course they apparently require strange rituals (if scientists truly worship them anyway), like mathematical modeling and empirical research. So they’re hand-down better than the bizarre rantings of John the Revelator.

    Still pretty pathetic if all they do is require science to do research, since even an honest Christian would do that.

    Glen Davidson

  3. A. R says

    Hmm, I’ll have to ask the Climatologist I know about this Ixchel and Gaia business. Last time I checked, he was an Anglican/Episcopalian.

  4. says

    women and they all believe in pagan gods.

    We do? Gee, the things you learn. I had no idea I believed in gods of any kind. :Looks up Ixchel: It seems she was the goddess of midwifery and medicine in ancient Maya culture.

    So why the panic?

    How many decades have you been drawing cheesy tracts about the rapture being imminent, Jack? It’s not going to happen, any more than Jesus making the planet copacetic is going to happen.

  5. A. R says

    Anyone notice that the one on the far left in the first panel looks a lot like Salman Rushdie?

  6. janine says

    Still not sure if poe.

    It is as serious as the shit you let out.

    Jack Chick has been doing this since long before I was born. And I am not young.

  7. says

    Ixchel? Isn’t that a background character in Wapsi Square?

    /runs off before the Mayincatec experts string me upuse my head as a basketball

  8. says


    I know, but then again, this is still the only image of the author we have yet

    Oh FFS, stop parading your idiocy.


    Jack Chick has been doing this since long before I was born. And I am not young.

    I met him, back in my Calvary chapel days. 1970something or other.

  9. mizzmazz says

    LOL @ how he covered up Gaia’s naughty bits! Actually, that’s the Venus of Willendorf, but since when is accuracy important to this lot?

  10. says

    In all seriousness, Jack is losing his touch. He’s never been coherent or especially creative at the best of times, but this is just barely reaching above kindergarten level — none of his usual paranoia, though the Ixchel/Gaia thing seems like an attempt to cover the spread (badly). Like seriously, he could have replaced half of it with “neener neener neener” repeated over and over again and it would have had exactly the same message.

  11. WhiteHatLurker says

    And JEE-SUS created the world! Is that current Christian mythology?

    Beware – JEE-SUS is after your soul. Jack says to warn everyone about that in the last panel! (And Christians are bad: panels 3-8!)

  12. janine says

    I met him, back in my Calvary chapel days. 1970something or other.

    Bet it was a trill for you.


  13. Midnight Rambler says

    Awesome. The stereotypically Jewish-looking scientists (standard for Chick) are a nice touch.

  14. says


    Bet it was a trill for you.

    You’d think so, given the enthusiastic Jesus Freak I was at the time. It wasn’t, he was surly and creepy. I was very glad to get away from him.

  15. janine says

    Surly and creepy? I never would have guessed that from all the comics of his that I read.



    That is exactly how I pictured him. Who else could come up with Big Earl?

  16. robro says

    As with much cheap contemporary Christian art of the apocalypse, as seen in tracts and Sunday School books, his ideal of Jesus/God is the “new” David…you know David, small time Iron Age war lord, womanizer (or worse), murderer, religious wacko, and all around swell guy. Gosh, what an option. Summer in hell or living under a demagogic megalomaniac brat. Which to wish for? Actually they both sound like hell, but the first one would be over sooner.

  17. bad Jim says

    Not sure the “scientists” are necessarily Jewish; the first panel has what appears to be Salman Rushdie on the left, as A.R. noticed, and Al Gore on the right. There are lots of Gentiles with big noses, after all (including my Swedish grandfather, my mother and my siblings).

    The paganism doesn’t make much sense. Maybe the problem is that there are women in our midst, and of course all godless women are wicked witches.

  18. otranreg says

    Top right panel is a blatant Nazi antisemitic cartoon rip-off. How unsurprising.

  19. Ogvorbis: shameless AND impudent! says

    At least the religiously-based global warming denialists/minimalists are being honest. So what if it is happening, when Jesus comes back, it won’t matter. Much more honest than the whole ‘if global warming is real it’ll hurt our profits so it can’t be real or it’ll be good’ of the Heartland Institute. But, either way, prophet or profit, the conservatives can deny reality. Again.

  20. Becca Stareyes says

    The paganism doesn’t make much sense. Maybe the problem is that there are women in our midst, and of course all godless women are wicked witches.

    I suspect he thinks that the only people who could care about the planet are the people who worship it. Which seems silly to me — I care about plenty of things I don’t worship — but maybe not to a man who’s devoted his life to making hateful comics about what he worships.

    I had a friend growing up whose mother wouldn’t let her watch Captain Planet, because it depicted Gaia as ‘the spirit of the Earth’ and the Planeteers’ mentor. Which was paganism, clearly. Seeds of the current religious anti-environmentalist movement?

  21. Who Cares says

    Oh my this is SO perfect to set up a nice fallacy.
    Seeing that Jack Chick apparently considers himself an expert on what is causing global warming.

  22. says

    I wonder though, why will Jesus rule for only 1000 years? What happens after? the world goes back to being shit because people can’t be trusted? (that seems to be a theme in the bible) or will mankind have been elevated to a good godly stature so he’s not needed, in which case, why would it take 1000 years. Is Jesus’ calendar just booked and hes swapping out with Odin while he’s got some meetings to get to?

    After the rapture and revolationy stuff, what point will there be to having the earth anyway (even granting there’s some point in the first place, since there’s not much.)

  23. yoav says

    The really depressing part is that you have a sitting US senator using the same arguments that Chick use in his comics as part of an official policy discussion and doesn’t get laughed off the stage but is actually taken seriously.

  24. firefly says

    After about 20 years of trying, I still don’t get why some of these people seem to gleefully look forward to such death and destruction.

    But we are the ones who think life is meaningless?

  25. julietdefarge says

    Are we sure it’s still the same Chick? Could be someone else has taken over the franchise.

  26. jaranath says

    Hmmm… That bottom left panel DOES rather resemble the effects of a GRB…fiery death beam from space…death from the skies… OMG! Phil Plait is Jack Chick!

  27. pipenta says

    Man, oh man. I’ll never forget the first time I saw one of those creepy-ass little comic books. And I looked at the neighbor who had handed it to me and the hair went up on the back of my neck.

    Thing is, these things used to stand out for their creepiness. Now it is all around us every day! The freaky religious have come out of the closet big time with their cruel and pathological hungers to suppress and abuse and generally make other people miserable. They want to frighten and exploit women and children and people who are not just like them. And then, really, they want to be the boss boss of the guys just like them. Sociopaths just do what they do. But I think this recent tsunami of hideousness on the part of the religious right wingnutters is because some narcissists respond strongly to social pressure. They want to be on the side of authority. So the more of them that come out in public and say women should be forced to live with their abusers, or that rape victims were asking for it, or people who use birth control are sluts, or that GLBT folks are immoral, or who want to suppress science in school and teach propaganda instead, or who tell children that masturbating is wrong, well then the more other narcissists who have similarly creepy impulses will be emboldened. Especially when the nastiness is being endorsed by public figures such as politicians or (gag) religious authorities.

    We need to SHAME these people. We need to get the narcissists to go back in the closet. We need to get back to the point where, if you saw this comic your jaw would just drop because it was so outrageous that you’d never seen anything like it.

    Because Chick may or may not have lost his, um, “touch”. But there are mountains of this rubbish out there. And that’s not right.

  28. Naked Bunny with a Whip says

    Whew. Glad I didn’t become a scientist. Wearing ties and worshiping Ixchel would seriously harsh my mellow.

  29. Menyambal -- damned dirty ape says

    I had never heard of Ixchel before this post, and still don’t know anything more about her than was mentioned in this thread. But I want to worship her now. Thanks, Jack Chick!

  30. says

    Why does Jesus only reign over the Earth for a thousand years?

    Does he just give up on us like his Father did on him?

    Same old BS, can’t help but love all the contradictions, no matter what the religion. Or the politicians, come to think of it.

  31. says


    Are we sure it’s still the same Chick? Could be someone else has taken over the franchise.

    It’s still JC. He’s in his 80s now and has had trouble with arthritis for some years. He hired Fred Carter to do the artwork and lettering a couple of decades ago at least.

  32. gravityisjustatheory says

    LOL! There is so much that is wrong with that tract, but I think the stupidest bit has to be “The Catholic Church was wicked for keeping people in fear of the imminant end of the world. Also, fear the end of the world!”

    Also, WTF is that bit about “England still exists. Ask any Muslim” about?

  33. says

    I’m struck by what I’m thinking is an especially bestial caricature of Al Gore in the first panel. Curious, the kind of mind for which Al Gore is an epitome of evil.

  34. petzl20 says

    There’s something deliciously horrible about Jack Chick tracts. And he’s so over the top, he just seems harmless to me.

  35. Midnight Rambler says

    Not sure the “scientists” are necessarily Jewish; the first panel has what appears to be Salman Rushdie on the left, as A.R. noticed, and Al Gore on the right. There are lots of Gentiles with big noses, after all

    Except that Chick has been doing hook-nosed caricatures of Jews as the villains in his tracts since before Rushdie published his first book. It’s part of his MO.

  36. DLC says

    Yes, kiddies, turn off your brain, believe the blather I tell you to believe and be good little toadies.
    OR ELSE!
    Sincerely, Jesus. via Jack Chick.

  37. drbunsen le savant fou says

    Interesting how he rips off Young Frankenstein in the 2nd panel.

    Heh. Glad I’m not the only one who spotted that – though it looks more to me like a loving hommage than a rip-off. JC’s a fan of the classics?

  38. TimKO,,.,, says

    Looks like Jesus dropped the ball on the BP oil spill, Chernobyl, the Alabama PCB poisoning, the Oklahoma lead poisoning, Love Canal, Bhopal, the Kuwaiti oil fires, Minamata, the Brazil Rainforest…and why did humans have to clean up the Cuyahoga? Why didn’t Jesus just snap his bony accusing fingers? So much for Jesus calling the shots. Maybe he hates us.