Thursday is a travel day

It’s going to be a long busy day on Thursday — I’m flying off to this event tomorrow, and I think I just sort of step off the plane to be whisked off to the auditorium to start babbling.

And yes, I seriously guilted Jen into owing me a beer for missing my talk. It’s only a 5 hour drive from Seattle to Pullman! She could just hop in a car right after lunch and blow off Friday, no problem.


  1. Levi Claussen says

    I look forward to meeting you, PZ. A group from BSU SSA is driving up from Boise tomorrow.

  2. Chiral says

    I thought about driving up from Boise, but decided I should go to the “Add the words” hearing in the capitol Friday morning instead. Hopefully I’ll manage to go to a talk of yours some day!

  3. A. R says

    Darwin Day is coming up! Thanks for the reminder. I need to start making “I Think” Darwin Day cards and various other Darwin-related sundries. I also need to find my Bible-bound copy of the Origin.

  4. kreativekaos says

    Off topic,…but dropping this for comment (hopefully it links):

    Chris Mooney: Want to Understand Republicans? First Understand Evolution

  5. kreativekaos says

    (see Chris Mooney’s piece down left side of page) He apparently has a couple books out focusing on comparisons between liberal/progressive thought processes with conservative brains.

  6. Gnumann says

    A couple of helpful pointers:
    • there’s the endless tread for ot stuff
    • people round here are not too found of neither Mooney nor huffpo, so don’t be surprised if there are no takers

  7. Cyranothe2nd says

    Looking forward to meeting you PZ. Looks like I’m the one introducing you at the event. THE GREAT BEARD OFF IS ON!

  8. kreativekaos says


    Yeah,.. I know what you’re sayin’. I was taken aback with some of what he said in his book ‘Unscientific America: (subtitle)’,.. and his general hands-off feelings about ‘New Atheist’ tact,… but any critique of the conservative stupidity and their associated agendas seems helpful. I guess,..knock him when he well deserves it,.. but give credit when it’s due.

  9. kreativekaos says

    (correction,.. his general ‘easy does it’ feelings about ‘stridency’ concerning the ‘New Atheist’ tact.)

  10. thedancingkid says

    Sent an Email to Dr. Myers on this earlier. In case he doesn’t see it: Two night ago, Tuesday, Densel Washington was on “The Late Show With David Letterman.” They were discussing the latest movie Washington is in, “Safe House.” Washington is talking about the character he plays, and this is what was said:

    Washington: I’m sociopath. I play a … he’s an atheist, he’s a traitor. He wants to dominate everyone. He’s sick, he has no conscience, no remorse.

    Letterman: Amoral.

    Washington: Thank you. He’s that. He’d just as soon kill you as have lunch with you.

    I called the Freedom From Religion Foundation folks today. They had heard of Washington’s atheist comment and were discussing it. It will be covered on this week’s Freethought Radio program.

    You can, of course, listen to the segment at The Late Show website, although it is a bit of pain as it comes with commercials. After the commercials, though, you can skip ahead to the segment.

  11. huntstoddard says

    That has to be the coolest Darwin ever. Scorpion eye and emerging our of all kind of wild things. It’s what would happen if Darwin crossed with Sauron.

  12. says

    What people often miss in online discussions is that the anti-social, offensive, commenter might well suffer from an autism spectrum disorder, like Asperger syndrome.

    These people can’t help themselves. They’re hard-wired to be tasteless and tactless. Some actually enjoy adoring fans who think they’re witnessing a great wit or insult artist. But in actuality, they simply don’t realize they’re impressed by a person with a neurological anomaly that renders them incapable of empathy or self control.

  13. says

    I will be driving in from Tri-Cities (Richland). Sorry to hear that he is arriving too late to make an imbibing meet-up with us Pharyngulites before he speaks. Maybe that’s for the best? :)

  14. mothra says

    On a much smaller scale, North Dakota State University is celebrating Darwin Day TODAY, with displays from the various natural history collections, a movie (The Creation) and a guest speaker (Dr. Anya Plutynski from the University of Utah).

    Our little putsch has apparently attracted attention such that Casey Luskin (Discovery Institute) will be speaking next Monday at NDSU.

  15. arvenduri says

    Been looking forward to this for months! Welcome to the Palouse, nice to see this area showing up here for reasons other than some of our more insane locals.

  16. Therrin says

    I’d ask if you were feeling silly yet, but you’ve made it clear you’re not actually a person. I mean, a real person would respond when spoken to, right?