Anti-Caturday post

Now that the door is opened to contemplating rotating cats, I think we should look at organisms that are even better at the spinning routine.

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  1. says

    You only get energy from the rotating cat until the dog comes up and eats the bread. This is why it’s never been successful.

  2. chigau (同じ) says

    Peter Grant is a douche.
    My cat is a perpetual sleeping machine.
    No energy output at all.
    Peter Grant is a douche.

  3. jstackpo says

    What’s with dumping old tires (tyres?) out in the woods or down some ravine?

    So much for the environment.

    I hope the trucking company got hit with a nice big fine.

  4. Gregory says

    Heh, the perpetual motion machine is very similar to an art book project I’ve been considering, called The Big Book of Murphies (as in Murphy’s Law.) The last entry is for Dr. John Murphy of UC Berkeley, who in the 60s strapped buttered bread onto the back of a cat and knocked the cat off the table. The experiment was to see the result of attempting to circumvent something going wrong. Alas, the cats would have a heart attack mid-air and land on their backs, butter side down. The university found out when the local chapter of PETA sent a strongly worded Molotov cocktail to the university administration, resulting in Dr. Murphy being dismissed. Thus, the Berkeley Corollary: Attempting to prevent something from going wrong inevitably lead to something worse.

    Other Murphies include St. Murphy the Unusually Unlucky, Rabbi Murphiah, and the Chinese sage Murfu.

  5. Denephew Ogvorbis, OM says

    We could attach a generator to the GOP’s press wing (or Faux News) and get infinite spin energy there, right?

    I’m just trying to picture Dust (our 27 pound cat) attached to a generator and spinnning. His wattle and his gut would cause some interesting dynamic augment.

  6. unclefrogy says

    well that was wonderful and very interesting. I wonder if the knowledge of the salamanders habit and ability to do that “trick” could be the root of the mythical hoop snake?

    uncle frogy

  7. Francisco Bacopa says

    Gotta point out that in some areas of central Texas it’s quote popular to dump tires and brushwood in gullies. During heavy rain the gullies back up and keep the topsoil from being washed away. This practice is uncommon in east Texas as you would likely flood your house. Drains into retention ponds are a better way to go, with another drain at a higher level into a canal or bayou are a better way to go. You might even have a levee and a gated drainpipe. You’ll get flooded, but the flood will be all fresh water you can bounce back from. There will be almost no saltwater seepage from the storm surge.

    Since 2008 almost half the trees in Galveston have died from a bay side backwash storm surge that salted the soil during Hurricane Ike. The Seawall held, but with 50 more years of global warming, can the seawall hold? Galveston is the largest city in the US that can be killed by global warming. Three feet of sea level rise and all but east and west beaches are gone. After that, the next Ike or bigger storm strikes a finishing blow.

    Carnival and Norwegian cruise lines have terminals there. Why aren’t they lobbying for CO2 reductions? Miami would be next.