1. timberwoof says


    Which reminds me: On Wednesday evening, Nova on PBS presents an episode about wildlife in the abandoned zone around Chernobyl, Radioactive Wolves.

  2. Gregory Greenwood says

    @ Toast Museum;

    Summer and shaggy?

    It probably proves the sheer magnitude of my geekiness that I instantly got that A Song of Ice and Fire reference.

    I need to get out more…

  3. aladegorrion says

    SO CUTE!!! EEEEE!!! Reminds me of my doggy playing with her best doggy friend. Gentle, gentle fun with teeth!

  4. Rev. BigDumbChimp says

    Too bad our President decided to allow the Gray Wolf to lapse out of protected status in 2009. Now they’re being hunted all around Yellowstone. Some well known members of packs that have been there for years are being killed when they wonder out of the lines drawn by man.

    It’s a fucking shame.