Rock out at the Reason Rally

Another addition to the lineup appearing at The Reason Rally: Bad Religion. I’ll be there, too, although I won’t be singing.

Here I am saying why I’m going:

You should also be following the Reason Rally site — if for nothing else, they’re letting you know about discounts on travel and hotel rooms.


  1. Aliasalpha says

    It certainly sounds like a pretty awesome event. I don’t suppose they happen to be having a competition to fly people to the event? Ideally a competition rigged so I’m one of the winners

  2. Robotocracy says

    I’ve seen Bad Religion live before, they’re jaw-droppingly incredible. Sounds like it’s going to be a great event.

  3. azkyroth says

    Ooookay, so whose bright idea was to schedule a rally for a movement of which college students are probably the single biggest constituent group (though not the most active) on one side of the country in almost the literal middle of the Spring semester? (It semi-corresponds to Spring Break but that won’t be true for everyone and it wouldn’t leave time to get home without flying, which will be neither affordable nor tolerable).

  4. defides says

    You gotta question the value of google ads.

    Immediately underneath this article is an advert suggesting I should ‘Date Christian girls.’


  5. John Morales says



    Immediately underneath this article is an advert suggesting I should ‘Date Christian girls.’



    Easy enough to get a few grams of Christian girl, but I wasn’t aware that there was a commercial enterprise that could date such a sample. Even so, the resolution is problematic (and that’s without even considering the Suess effect!).

    (Better just to have access to a birth certificate)

  6. says

    Thanks so much for advertising this, Bad Religion is one of my favourite bands and I somehow have never seen them live. And I was planning on making a visit to friends in Washington next year! Obviously God wants me to go to this.

  7. Greg Peterson says

    OK, now I have to go. Loves me some Bad Religion. Seen them a few times now, but this event would probably be the coolest. (Although Warped Tour a couple of years ago was pretty great as well.) And now that my daughter is in grad school at the University of Maryland right near DC, I can make it seem like I’m going out there to be a good visiting dad.