Tennessee is not forgotten

The Worldwide Atheist Conspiracy is dispatching JT Eberhard to tour Tennessee next week. It will no longer be a Christian state after he’s done with it; might as well shut down all the churches now.


  1. says

    Didn’t we already Expel baby Jesus from everything of consequence, from schools to science to the courts? And aren’t we successfully persecuting the brave new ID scientists who’d be churning out fantastic new discoveries if they weren’t too busy telling lies defending themselves?

    I’m afraid that this must just be redundant.

    Glen Davidson

  2. Zinc Avenger says

    I keep forgetting, is it polite to carve the roast baby before or after the welcoming speech? And should I serve it with the tears of Christians or the bile of creationists on an occasion like this?

    Oh dear, I really need to get the decorations up ready – can someone hand me a puppy and a staple gun?

  3. zb24601 says

    PZ, I can’t believe you mentioned the “Worldwide Atheist Conspiracy”! Don’t you remember that the first rule of the “Worldwide Atheist Conspiracy” is that we don’t talk about the “Worldwide Atheist Conspiracy”!

    I guess the cat’s out of the bag now! Should we start rounding up the christians for the atheism education camps now? Oh well, it wasn’t going to be long before they saw through the story of them being FEMA camps.

  4. Mike de Fleuriot says

    Oh well, it wasn’t going to be long before they saw through the story of them being FEMA camps.

    Don’t joke, you know they are trained in Jumping and Mining.

  5. says


    FTB has got to get a filter on the ads on this site or the Global Atheist Conspiracy will not be heard above the christian wingnut creationist advocacy.

  6. Predator Handshake says

    Hey, he’s coming to actual East Tennessee! Usually when people make a circuit of the state they only make it as far east as Knoxville and they forget this entire corner of the state. Suck it, Memphis! Good on S.A.N.E., I’ll definitely be there Thursday night.

  7. Deepsix says

    I see he is coming to MTSU in Murfreesboro. I work there, but unfortunately, I have prior commitments the day he will be speaking.

    We need more speakers like this in the south – and not just in Atlanta (hint hint, PZ).

  8. Kol says

    Well damn.

    At first I was like, “YAY! We haven’t been forgotten!”

    But then I was like, “Shit! I have to submit to a two syllable, identity raping profit machine before I can look at the details.”

    Just as well. I’m enjoying the discovery that Tennessee has scads of atheists in stealth mode. Meeting them one at a time, when conversation naturally turns that direction, is good enough for me.

  9. says

    Greetings from Tennessee, and we can’t wait for him to get here!

    He’s at Austin Peay U on Monday night, MTSU on Tuesday, Vanderbilt on Wednesday, ETSU on Thursday, and UT on Friday!!

    Like our FB pages to keep track of info on those groups, and join us for JT’s talks if you can. Most especially, please forward info about these events to any student you know at these universities. These can be highly religious campuses, and our freethinking students need to know they are not alone.

    Uberthanks to PZ for the nod…see y’all next week!