1. says

    Damn Designer forgot to fix reproduction for the land crabs.

    But why think when you can just copy evolution? Because apparently we were Designed, only life somewhere else evolved and the lazy-ass Designer just redid that evolution over billions of years.

    Only sense I can make of ID, anyhow.

    Oh, and cat fights really aren’t boring, especially when it’s lions.

    Glen Davidson

  2. chigau () says

    “… they restore their bodies with salts and moisture …”
    pop-up ad
    “Chinese Lady for Dating”
    I ♥ the interwebs.

  3. says

    Say, does anyone know why crabs foam at their mouth? I have wondered that since my parents expanded their business to include selling crabs.

  4. Trebuchet says

    I got the “Chinese lady for dating” ad too. Creepy. Almost as creepy as the ants.

    I noticed the crabs moved forward, instead of scuttling sideways as I expected. Another evolutionary adaptation?

  5. theophontes, feu d'artifice du cosmopolitisme says

    In support of teh kittehz:

    Medal of Honor Cat

    Show me an arthropod/cephalopod that can rise to this level of raw courage!

    (I see they spelled teh kittehz name wrong… there is no second “m”.)


    @ lewelly


  6. zackoz says

    What a weird video! That can’t be all of it?

    There must surely be more – would the viewer not be curious about what happens next to the crabs?

    And why not say where it is? I believe it may be the Indian Ocean island of Cocos, which is a part of Australia.

    We weren’t satisfied with polluting the poor mainland with feral pigs, dogs, cats, buffalo, goats, camels, foxes, cane toads, humans, etc, we had to make sure the outlying islands received some introduced pests as well.

  7. lofty says

    Millions of marauding crabs eh? I think I’ll stick to my kitties for domestic entertainment, thanks :-)

  8. Sili says

    “Crazy ants”?

    That’s not very nice. I’m sure the formids prefer ‘differently abled’.

    Cats…. The ‘other’ white meat!

    Cats are red meat, idiot.

  9. Birger Johansson says

    I think it is Christmas island.

    To combat the invasive ant species before ther crabs go extinct, I hereby suggest we design self-reproducing nanites that attack anything that looks like an ant. What if the program gets corrupted? ….Naaah! Technology will not misfire.