Haven’t they learned how bad science and bogus tradition is a tool of oppression?

Oh, no. This is the first I hear of the Black Atheists of Atlanta, and what do I discover: they’re pushing the same bigoted, homophobic nonsense that I’d expect to hear from a white Republican teabagger. It’s a choice, it’s unnatural, science has something called the “law of reproduction” that means homosexuality is unscientific, it is justified by tradition to exclude homosexuals. They do have one difference: they claim homosexuality is a wicked Greco-Roman nastiness that afflicts Western civilization, but isn’t part of good African culture. Oh, and gay people in modern Africa are a product of colonialism.

Everything they say is wrong. It’s nothing but irrational, raging bigotry. It’s a shame to see one minority group rising up and speaking out, and what they’re doing is promoting the idea of throwing another minority group under the bus.