My cunning plan has worked!

In my talk at the Society for Developmental Biology, I encouraged more scientists to take advantage of the internet to share science with the public. Someone fell for it! Saori Haigo has started a blog, and she even explains why.

I’ve started this blog because I believe I have a social responsibility as a professional scientist to communicate science openly to the people. I will blog about what I think are important topics in the biological and biomedical sciences and explore the value, current issues, and realistic expectations of what we gain from doing research on that topic. In addition, I’ll explore how science is done, share with you why I think the research I’m working on is of interest and worth funding by taxpayers, give you a taste of what my daily activities entail, and share the latest cutting edge research published in science journals. All in layman’s terms, so you can follow too.

I hope through my posts you will come to appreciate the value of academic science and learn about a world which may seem ‘foreign’ to you. And also to learn something neat along the way. Enjoy!

So go browse already. It’s a brand new blog, but she’s already got some interesting stuff, including spinning eggs.