We’re still trying to hire someone for a tenure track biology position

Way back in October, I told you we were trying to hire a new cell biologist. We had a very successful search, found a whole lot of brilliant candidates, and then brought a few of them out for interviews, where they shone like stars and dazzled us with their potential…and then they all turned down our offers. We should have mentioned in our criteria that working here demands that you be slightly mad — only slightly, though, just enough to be committed to undergraduate education in spite of a remote rural location, but not enough to be be, you know, committed. It probably didn’t help to be holding interviews in the middle of one of the worst winters since I moved here (by the way, I interviewed for my job in July).

So we’ve extended the job search. This is what we’re looking for:

Preferred: Preference will be given to applicants who have an area of expertise relevant to our pre-health professional students and complementary to existing faculty interests. These might include, but are not limited to: immunology, pathophysiology, cancer biology, bioinformatics, and cell signaling.

Duties/Responsibilities: Teaching undergraduate biology courses including a sophomore-level cell biology course, an upper-level genetics elective course, an elective in the applicant’s area of expertise, and other courses that support the biology program; advising undergraduates; conducting research that could involve undergraduates; and sharing in the governance and advancement of the biology program, the division, and the campus.

Our new deadline is 21 February, when we’ll begin reviewing applications. We aim to bring people in for interviews in March — maybe the glaciers will have retreated a little bit by then. If you applied earlier, we still have your application on file; if you’re still interested, you can contact us and let us know that you still want to be considered.