Imaginary evidence never stopped them before, why should it now?

This is a remarkable bit of news about the magical Ark Encounter in Kentucky. You know that feasibility study, the one written by Ken Ham’s good buddy and co-author, the one that justified the them park because it would bring in 900 good jobs and swarms of tourists? The governor never saw it. Nobody in the Kentucky government has seen it. The state never received a copy to file. They refuse to show it to the press, even. The report is reportedly 10,000 pages long, with just the executive summary being 200 pages long, and apparently the only people who have seen it are Ham and his cronies, and Beemer, Ham’s pal who wrote it, and they aren’t letting anyone else review it.

The state of Kentucky is buying a pig in a poke.

The deal was rotten from the very beginning, with the state handing out money to a religious organization that would use it to miseducate children, but it’s really beginning to stink now. Maybe Kentuckians won’t rise up to oppose Christian inanity, but let’s hope they’ll cast a skeptical, even a conservative eye, on a deal that reeks of corruption and cronyism.

(via Barefoot and Progressive)