Our students aren’t children, but Republicans apparently are

So I’ve just told you to avoid underestimating college students, but I guess you shouldn’t do the same with Republicans, especially Breitbart-style Republicans. Their latest embarrassment is yet another piece of work from James O’Keefe, the young mastermind who dressed up as a pimp and dishonestly edited a videotape to make ACORN look like it supported prostitution, and then also bungled a break-in to bug Sen. Mary Landrieu’s Louisiana office, and is now continuing his career as a professional idiot and thug with a flopped attempt to catch a CNN reporter using her sexual wiles to bamboozle him.

It’s unbelievably stupid. The reporter gave no indication of flirting for information, but O’Keefe apparently assumed that any blonde reporter was a bimbo. He invited her to come to his boat for an interview, and then stocked it with all the paraphernalia a misogynist might imagine a woman would find irresistible: porn mags, dildos, handcuffs, mirrors on the ceiling, that sort of thing, and hidden cameras. The plan was to have Abbie Boudreau show up, wave a dildo seductively at her, and when she succumbed to his charms to get top secret Republican operative information from him, catch it all on tape.

It’s just astonishing. Where did O’Keefe get his ideas about how to seduce a woman, from men’s wank magazines? He must have had some delusion that his scheme would actually work, rather than ending with him writhing on the ground cradling his bruised privates while the CNN reporter stormed off of the Love Boat with a juicy story about sleazy Republicans.

Fortunately for all concerned, one of the organizers of this tasteless charade had a scrap of a conscience and told all, sparing O’Keefe a pair of splattered testicles but still giving CNN a great story (the conscientious person has apparently been fired…unsurprisingly).

Boudreau herself has written up the full story.

I have to ask…why does Breitbart and his little acolytes still get air time on the news networks? Why isn’t O’Keefe in jail for his criminal attempted wire-tapping stunt? Why aren’t we seeing a takedown of his prior video staging to falsely indict ACORN? Why aren’t small children breaking into tears and adults spitting on these people when they walk down the street?