Waa waa waaaaa

Jeffrey Jena, one of those right-wing kooks, is upset about something terribly traumatic that happened to him. Someone unfriended him on Facebook for being a wingnut! Don’t you know that lefty liberals are supposed to always pretend to be friends with the goons and thugs of the right?

Have any of you been dumped on Facebook for being racist, homophobic gun toting morons lately? Have some of your tolerant, diversity seeking “Progressive”friends tossed you under the bus for having the temerity to express a conservative opinion based on facts?

He’s so upset about the fact that people judge him on his hateful views that he has created a facebook group of his own, Conservatives “Un-Friended” by a Liberal for Political Opinions. What a sense of absurd entitlement.

You know, I’ve had a few people write to me to say that they weren’t going to be my friend on facebook because I was some kind of deranged Jesus-hating socialist. As if I cared. Really, any of you who are my friends on facebook can leave right now, no hard feelings, if you dislike my positions on anything. Go ahead. I don’t mind. I promise I won’t crawl sobbing into my bedroom, weeping because someone clicked a button on their facebook page.

Poor Jeffy. He only has 1682 friends right now. To make him feel better, everyone should send him a friend request right now. Then, after he accepts it, drop him and make him cry.

And if he doesn’t accept it, he must be one of those nasty intolerant bigots who can’t stand people with different political opinions.