It’s South Africa’s turn for a little poll-crashing

It’s a poll about whether the Bible is an accurate historical document…and the people who think it is have a slight edge right now. Now, as I post this, that is. I have a suspicion that that will change very quickly.

Genesis en Eksodus verteenwoordig volgens prof Willie Esterhuyse nie historiese geskiedenis nie maar is singewende mites. (Genesis and Exodus do not represent historical fact but are insightful myths according to prof Willie Esterhuyse.)

Ek stem saam dat dit nie historiese verhale is nie (I agree that both aren’t historical fact) 46%

Ek beskou dit as historiese gebeure wat werklik plaasgevind het (I see both as historical events that actually occurred) 49%

Ek weet nie meer wat in die Bybel is waar en wat nie (I have no idea what in the bible is true or not.) 4%