Octopus just wants to be on youtube!

Over on stuff.co.nz, there is a spectacular video of an octopus that grabs a diver’s video camera and swims off with it. Much of the video is a surreal blur, because the octopus is all wrapped around the camera, but that just adds to the charm…and there are also plenty of shots of the beautiful animal as it and the diver wrestle.

I’d imbed the video here, too, but that site doesn’t make it easy to extract the code, tangling it all up in javascript. That’s when I realized the octopus’s real intent: he wanted to make videos that were shareable and publicly accessible.


  1. Kieranfoy says

    It’s a pity your nature articles never get many comments, P.Z.

    I mean, sheesh, we all need a break form excoriating fundie stupidity.

  2. Izzy says

    This video totally made my day! Thank you for posting this PZ!! Out of curiosity (and ignorance), does the color of the octopus mean anything? Like, maybe anger?

  3. bbgunn071679 says

    I am always mesmerized when I watch an octopus in an aquarium. My wife literally has to pull me away to go look at some other exhibit (usually the sharks and rays, of course.)

  4. Blondin says

    I’ve never seen an octopus in an aquarium. I’ve been to several aquariums that claim to contain octopuses but they’re always hiding in some nook or cranny. I think they’re a myth.

  5. https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawn3yeqDAoctgwo6-DD2CLf7YxBquJvaSfc says

    Ugh, there’s so much camera shake, the video is blurry, and the lens is never pointed at anything interesting!

    Octopuses make poor videographers. :P

    HJ Hornbeck

  6. Swintah1 says

    You’ll notice that the octopus is missing the ends of some of its tentacles. I think it’s a repeat offender.

  7. https://me.yahoo.com/a/vVHpdEdt0PZTBDL1jYm15cLPzt6l1e0TaC8-#18eb9 says

    Here is the embed code
    < embed width="620" height="385" wmode="opaque" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="http://static.stuff.co.nz/flash/mediaplayer.swf" pluginspage="http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer" flashvars="mediaXML=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.stuff.co.nz%2Fxml%2Fvideo%2F3590860" >

  8. maglione.k says

    Here’s the embed code for non-IE browsers:

    <embed width=”620″ height=”385″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=”http://static.stuff.co.nz/flash/mediaplayer.swf” pluginspage=”http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer” flashvars=”mediaXML=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.stuff.co.nz%2Fxml%2Fvideo%2F3590860″ />

  9. yar.natasha says

    So the future Cephalopod master of the earth are now taking and analyzing advanced technology. Soon it will be laser armed squid sweeping the sea clean of ships. Then R’lyeh will rise and Great Cthulhu will rule the world once again.

  10. barcsb says

    I thought the last song was perfect not only for the video but also appropriate for any time PZ features cute cephalopods.

    Legit download from the band’s site
    I love you octopus
    I love you octopus
    I think it’s great that you’ve got 8 wobbly arms
    I can never see you with your crazy camouflage
    I think you’re busting, you are surreal
    better than the fish, the sharks and even the conga eel
    I love you octopus
    I love you octopus
    I wish I was as rich as the English king and queen
    I’d spend my money on a brand new submarine
    I’d swim with the dolphins, like Jacques Cousteau
    At the end of the evening we’d have a real big fish disco
    I love you octopus
    I love you octopus

  11. Nerdette says

    I am quite sure the octopus was some form of child star and one more camera documenting “Where Are They Now” was just one more camera too many. Really, can you blame him for snatching instead of running?

    I love nature. It never wants to go to some silly human’s plan.

  12. Moggie says

    Yeah, when a paparazzo goes for those salacious up-mantle shots, he ought to expect this sort of reaction.

  13. JSug says

    Good thing he didn’t let the octopus take his spear gun. It probably would have shot him so it could take the camera back.

  14. https://me.yahoo.com/hairychris444#96384 says

    Haha, great clip. I think that he’s done that sort of thing before! :-)

  15. F says

    Oh, crap. I didn’t actually mean to embed that, but show the code. Bad HTML-fu. Bad, bad.

    This is where post-editing would come in handy. For those who forget to properly check their work before they post, like me.

  16. amodeo65 says

    That was a great video. The octopus should get an oscar for documentary film making. The Vancouver aquarium has an octopus. You can see her (I’m told it’s a her) if you’re patient.

  17. CButter says

    This might give J*hn Kw*k ideas.

    Indeed, I think this may be the first footage of the fabled Kwoktopus.

  18. blf says

    I think this may be the first footage of the fabled Kwoktopus.

    I thought this was in the seas off Sheepland, not in some High School aquarium.