1. tatarize says

    You know octopuses only walk on two of their limbs. So in a strange sense they are two legged as well. Though with six arms. So we have plenty in common with our cowardly cephalopod cousins. I do wish they’d grow a spine though.

  2. says

    the begging of this talk bummed me out.
    this guy seems to really appreciate octopus and realizes how intelligent they are, but has no problem putting them into aquariums.
    it’s a bummer to see someone putting these wonderful wild animals inside of captivity.

    wild animals should be wild and free.

  3. Fluxious says

    Another great TED talk by someone who is clearly enthusiastic about his field of research. Inspiring.

  4. RamblinDude says

    Local community conservation “healing zones” become a worldwide network of local community conservation “healing zones.”


  5. recovering catholic says

    The latest issue of AARP endorses all kinds of woo for helping cancer patients, including reiki. Methinks it’s time to cancel my membership.

  6. Biddy says

    Great study break. A video like that goes a long way to salvage one’s resolve. Ok, back to the books!