Speaking of Research

Earlier, I linked to that ghastly “Negotiation is Over” anti-research site. Let me balance that with a link to the pro-science site, Speaking of Research. Compare the two, it’s enlightening. Guess which one relies on shrieking all-caps accusations and threats of dire harm to the people on the other side?


  1. cervantes says

    Off topic, I’m afraid, but This is all we need:

    Atheism Books In Home Of Texas Arson Suspect

    TYLER (AP) — Court records indicate one of the suspects arrested on an arson charge in the burning of churches in East Texas had assault rifles and books on demons and atheism in his home.

    The atheism and demons are internally consistent, but you can imagine how the reporting will be on this, especially in Texas.

  2. ERV says

    ‘Speaking of Research’ was super helpful during the Oklahoma State animal research affair (the Pres of OSU hoped to gain the favor of a rich oil guy in our state whos wife is total animal liberation by unilaterally blocking an NIH funded study).

    Totally recommended.

  3. Glen Davidson says

    Guess which one relies on shrieking all-caps accusations and threats of dire harm to the people on the other side?

    Not the righteous ones, is it?

    Funny how righteousness so rarely coincides with decency. ID being another example.

    Glen D

  4. bart.mitchell says

    Cervantes, I can’t wait to find out what books he had. I’d bet many people in Texas don’t know the difference between atheism and demonism.

  5. negentropyeater says

    #1 I wonder how many million times a bible has been found in the house of a criminal in the USA ?

  6. Crazyharp81602 says

    Trillion scores more than atheism, evolution, social Darwinism, and humanism books I suppose.

  7. shonny says

    What I find abhorrent though is the animal testing for vanity products.
    That is fucking awful, and those using the such tested products are really low-life.

  8. Hypatia says

    #11, depends on what you mean by vanity products. Some of us are required or expected to wear cosmetics in our professional life if that’s what you’re thinking of. If it’s something I’m going to be applying regularly I want some serious safety testing and I think that’s not an unreasonable thing.

  9. DLC says

    Proof that they’re “emotionally invested” in their beliefs. Of course, it’s impossible for them to make a rational statement, because, like creationists, antivaxers and other such folks, they’re irrational and unreasoning.